Monday, January 14, 2008

year of acting responsibly

every year i make a declarative statement about what "this year is". for example 2007 was "the year of trying new things" (which was also the declarative statement made about 2005. in these years i ate new foods, gave up my ol' stand-by restaurants, clothes, etc. generally just pushed myself into different areas in my life. 2008 is "the year of acting responsibly to everyone ". that means not enabling, not slandering, not kissing anyone's butt, not overindulging them but not sparing them a compliment or favor either, not having false motives in friendships, and approaching everyone with respect. i realize in a few areas ive been bad about this, mainly that i complain about folks and am too easily angered/offended. i dont really know how these ideas of "treating everyone responsibly" will play out but as it grows in my mind, expect some changes.


Corin said...

Oooooooh...good idea. I should consider this subject too.

missparker said...

I've been thinking about this entry since I first read it, and I've really been challenged. At work (especially) it's so easy to let anger take over, to let comments escape...Also, it's so easy to not take responsibility for people or relationships. Im lucky to be surrounded by beautiful, honest, and challenging people that hold me accountable. Those people, paired with this entry, have made me stop and think a lot lately. Thanks for this posting and the challenge it posed!