Thursday, January 03, 2008

i love, i do not love

i love when my brother calls me to say that my youtube video made him cry and we talk for a long time about nothing (but it always means something), thinking about the possibility of the future & trying to figure it all out, i love that i have a husband who is always on my side and we work or try to work on everything as a team instead of in opposition to each other, we have the same goals and loves and silliness and i appreciate that. i love friends confessing that they use a dictionary to play scrabble online sometimes and i in turn confessing the same and laughing about it. i really love my friends more and more every day. i wish i could put each and every one of them under my pillow or in my pocket so i could talk to them all day. (text messaging would be dangerous for me, im glad i dont have a cellphone, lest i text them all day and night)

i do not love when i am one noodle short for making lasagna, people smoking around my kids, rummaging through our junk drawer to find matches just to light one measly incense stick or when people i love dont regularly update their blogs to satisfying my craving for a peek in their world. i really do not love throwing on the lights and flooding your eyes with piercing illumination when you just want to use the restroom and then limp back to bed but need to find something.


saylor days said...

i love you! i love spending time with you and aint that the truth if you could text it'd be dangerous cuz the random little thoughts and nuggets would be flying from me to you incessantly.
i'm so sorry you are going through this season.i so want you to feel content/happy and confident in where you are.but i'm so glad that you and david don't turn against each other when your feelings differ.praying for you.

jenny mae. said...

oh my word yes. you and i would text nonstop! just like i bet we could (and DO) talk on the phone for a lonnnnng time about everything and nothing and it would never get boring.

regina marie said...

long time no talk but im still-a-readin' ! ive been inspired to move into a new "blog" world. i dont know if one can add friends on here or not. . . how does that work? i cant wait to play catch up as i have wanted to do some chit-chatting with you after i read some posts but never do. anywho <3

shutterthink said...

Blog coming tomorrow or are, after all, one-third of my readers. :)

Soul Shelter said...

I had to disable the texting on my phone so I wouldn't be overly charged AND bother people day and night.. g'heh.

Though I'm getting one soon, I don't have a dictionary at the house, so when Scrabble's pulled out one of us are always running to the computer to go to to prove someone right/wrong. It's so fun!

jenny mae. said...

regina - YEAH! ill be reading along

beth - btw did i ever tell you (i told nick to tell you but unsure if he remembered, about it's FAM charting software that's free! luff it!

soul shelter - i REALLY want an official scrabble dictionary. like boarderline NEED it with how much i/we play.