Wednesday, January 09, 2008

think about it all

i spent my evening tonight baking banana muffins that are scrumtrulescent and i wonder if they will ever see the light of day. then i made a chicken noodle soup which always makes me neurotic because im very particular about the ratio of celery, carrots, and onion and esp about the consistency of said veggies. if one is too firm or soft i practically want to throw it away. at best i hate it when anyone else eats any but my i-would-eat-a-tin-can-and-think-nothing-of-it husband blinks his eyes at me like im nuts and gobbles down bowl after bowl and tells me im cookoo for thinking it isn't just perfect. i already mentioned the word neurotic right? ok good, just wanted to again reinforce that word. olive looked like a green bomb had exploded on her face following her self feeding a ripe avocado. oh my gosh the diapers that ensue after that food! but she loves them and theyre good for her so what can i really say? she recently killed my second USB cord into slobbery oblivion. david is going to get a card reader instead of getting another cord. try to eat THAT beeb!

today auggie, olive, and i all took a nap together. it took me two hours to get auggie to lie down and stop tickling, throwing his arm around, and talking & laughing with/at/near olive. but the result was swoon-worthy. im going to start doing this to prep them for "someday", who knows when, sharing a room. they've been getting along better every day, though auggie is still jealous. im trying to find a happy medium between his jealousy and not selling out olive just to appease him. i know one thing he gets upset about is that olive sleeps with us and he doesn't. all of a sudden now he wants back in our bed which just can't happen. but what do i do? move olive out because he is jealous? that isn't fair to her. move him in? well that isnt fair to david and i because the bed isnt big enough. so the co-napping i thought would be a happy medium. but oh my gosh i dont have 2 hours in my day every day to devout to naptime for these kids! and im pretty sure i dont want them sleeping together alone either. aug might wallop her.

just give me a pint of ice cream bag of dried cherries and send me to bed...


Soul Shelter said...

I deal with my cats eating my USB cords.. I can only imagine what I'm gonna have to do to keep little Vincent from slobbering on them!

Don't be so hard on yourself when cooking. ..although I should take that advice from myself because I'm the same way. Even if I totally mess up a dish Thomas will gobble it down anyway and commend me on the awesomeness of it all, though it does little to convince me. I know how you feel!

Alia said...

Word! nice to know some else has felt like the grilled cheese in a baby sandwich!!

We have a king so it is possible to pile in everyone once in a while, but even that can get a little crowded becasue the kids move about when theyt sleep. I waited til Jonah was 1 to officially pass the SIDS threshhold (and for him to be able to climb down from the bed by himself in case Noah was bugging him) before I really let them all pile in. Noah has wanted to sleep with us ever since he became afraid of the dark (Jonah was about 5 months old) and it lead to my hubby bunking with Noah while I bunked with Jonah. Now that I'm trying to wean off nighttime nursing a little (he's pacifiying ALL NIGHT somethimes), we've swapped and I've slept with Noah and hubby has gotten Jonah. We also do 1 parent with two kids while the other parent gets to sleep by themselves in blessed oblivion! (great for when someone has a busy workday ahead). And the other possible arrangement is one kid goes with the grandparents (which incidentally can be one of those real PERKs to look forward to once you guys are under the same roof!) But yeah...i get ya there.

Once in a while we have slipped out and let them nap together (once they got used to napping in the same bed with one of us), always checking on them every couple minutes, and it does seem to help having them both together sometimes--winky stirs and we see Noah pat him and say "its ok baby" and i want to MELT!!!!!! it takes them just getting used to it, like you are doing now (Note: it helps if you wait til Auggie is REALLY tired...even if it means delaying Olive's nap just a little longer, cause auggie will be more likely to cuddle up and crash out quicker).

jenny mae. said...

alia- as usual you've provided some great insights into a similar situation. i think the SIDS issue concerning them together alone has bothered me for a while but i never actually put 2+2 together the way you said it.