Friday, April 25, 2008

an entry wherein i kvetch and moan about being sick

currently i am consuming only the second thing in 24 hours. i managed to get down 1/2 cup of rice and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese yesterday but otherwise nada. the main symptom is horrible fatigue, to the point where literally i laid in the couch the entire day save for getting water once, going to the bathroom once, feeding olive once (the rest of the day i couldn't get up so she just nursed a lot), and taking her upstairs to take a nap. which i took with her. oh and i got up once to get the phone, wherein i begged david to come home so i could crawl into a hot bath. luck was on my side and my parents had auggie stay the night at their house so he was gone during the worst of it. i dont know what i would have done had he been here because he is content to just wander around the house exploring while i rest like olive is.

today i am not totally resigned to the couch but even now sitting in front of the computer (i.e. not laying down) i feel dizzy and a rapidly approaching sense of exhaustion. i think auggie has the start of whatever im in the middle of. he just crawled onto the couch this morning and pulled a blanket over himself and sucked his thumb while drinking a lot of water. he also has a mild fever, which is how mine started too. i had the worst achyness ive ever had. pulling on socks felt like razor blades even after 2 tylenol.

we are going to a healing prayer service tonight wherein im going to get hands laid on me for my panic attacks and agoraphobia. i actually talked about getting together the prayer ministry team from vineyard columbus to come over and do this but then this opportunity from our own church presented itself AND the meeting is one street over so we can walk. granted ill probably sit in the corner sweating and having to be propped up because i feel so awful but still... you can't be too sick to go to a healing service!


saylor days said...

i feel your pain! fevers are awful.what is going on?! everyone is getting sick. i'm so sorry i hope you are feeling better soon.hope the prayer ministry time is great.

jenny mae. said...

i dont know what the deal is. well WAS rather, as today im feeling alive again at least.