Thursday, April 17, 2008

thinking for ministry

on the way home from the justice revival i feel God gave me a ministry idea - a garden who's sole fruit goes to the homeless camps. imagine how poorly one must eat being at the mercy of strangers to provide food. im sure no fresh fruits and vegetables are in play, trading them instead for more inexpensive and accessible ones from fast food restaurants or whatever a person would hand them on the street. just imagine a whole garden for them!

i don't have a lot of money, ergo i am tempted to think that i dont have much if anything to contribute to the cause of making poverty a thing of the past. but tonight i was reminded of the story of the boy with the loaves and fishes, how they were brought to Jesus and He made something little into a lot and fed multitudes. that's sort of how this idea feels but im energized.


EarlGirl said...

What a great idea!

alia said...

Jenny, that is just an amazing idea--I LOVE it!!

amanda. said...

i think that's a great idea jenny.
there is so much you could do with that; why not involve those you are growing the food for? who knows What knowledge everyone has, you know? & also just the communal learning of it all. not you doing this for them, but you All doing it together. even if you provide the seeds, the time, the dirt, etc, there is so much of the idea to be shared. exciting~!!

meG said...

hii.. my name is meghan.. i commented your blog long long ago.. and i just read your previous couple of entries..

i think your idea-or better said, God's- about the homeless/garden is absolutely beautiful. and you're right, they definitely dont get their vegetable and fruit servings thats for sure. i was hanging out with some homeless folks yesterday.. and they were jazzed about bologna. i encourage you to take God up on this ministry idea.

also.. i am quite jealous about the justice revival you got to go to. ive actually got to see shane speak once.. he's great.

oh and... i read you want to see Bjork before you die. And yes, yes you must. i saw her last year... unreal.

jenny mae. said...

amanda - our church works with a homeless shelter for women. i think this would be a better avenue to pursue than the camps which can be a little less regulated of course. anyways im putting in a call this week to the shelter to see if they have any space there for a garden, even a small plot for herbs or space for hanging pots of flowers.