Friday, May 30, 2008


: i love how his mind works. i can see his little gears whirl and turn and i just know he's going to say something adorable or hilarious. i took him with me to garden one night and i walked him through it, showed him the to-scale drawing (ill scan it later if anyone is interested, it's HUGE). we often talk about all of the things growing in the garden, and he wastes no time giving me his approval (strawberries, carrots, peas) or disapproval (tomatoes, his nemesis). one day he asked me "how do we eat the flowers? i like eating flowers" in reference to the sunflowers growing. he thinks the idea of eating seeds seems (quote) "weird"

: "mommy, your car is embarrassing" (this after david and i were joking that our car, a 1982 that runs on vegetable oil, was like the embarrassing hippy cousin to the rich socialite new mercedes) david and i busted a gut laughing about this the entire way home.

: upon going down a set of rather large hills on cook rd (for those from columbus) "mommy, this is kind of like going down the andes mountains." !!!

: augustine's appointed superhero names for each member of our family:
olive, spiderbaby
himself, batman
david, super dad
me, milk maker (i'm not making this up!)

: he invented strawberry pancakes


Anonymous said...

I think we need a food blog of said strawberry pancakes, Yummy sounding!

jenny mae. said...

i was going to but i thought i might be too simple and boring. i will put it up now!

Anonymous said...

Simple can be awesome! We love pancakes!

underneaththeolivetree said...

Jenn, I can totally relate to the bursts of laughter when it comes to cars, I grew up all my life with the most embarassing cars owned by my parents, I have such great childhood memories and Augustine (please forgive if I got his name wrong) will to, moments like those build us to be more appreciative and giving people.
Racheal (Michelle C, aussie friend)

jenny mae. said...

racheal - yes you got his name right. im sure he will have a lifetime of laughs at our whole life, the cars we drive are just the start! :) someday i hope he will look at our "silly" life and get it one day, how we strive to be simple and practical and good for the earth