Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i feel really fried right now. why does it seem like the kids' bedtime is getting later and later and the routine endless? many nights we let augustine sleep in our bed, but only after olive has fallen asleep (we cosleep full time with her) and when david comes to bed he moves aug back to his bed. tonight, on his birthday of all nights!, david had a migraine so the plan in such situations is to put olive down then david goes to bed, aug remains in his bed. well i highly suspect that while i was gardening today for several hours, despite giving david detailed instructions about when to put olive down for a nap (11, no earlier no later lest bedtime be horrid) that such details were not adhered to and guess what, bedtime was horrid. 10 minutes of nursing gymnastics, 5 minutes of doing "the worm" all over the bed and clapping her hands, 10 minutes of playing with her feet, clapping them together, rubbing her eyes with them, trying to eat them (NOO! not with hardwood floors and therefore blackened feet!), sticking them in my face, then several more minutes gurgling with her spit/pacifier, generally having a gay ol' time while i sit there and seethe and just want her to roll over and go to sleep so oh, i don't know i could have some adult time with my husband. augustine knocked on the door or came in the room FOUR times and i was to the point of shrieking, but david had a migraine so i tried to keep it to a dull roar.

ive been stress eating for like two weeks for unknown reasons. between yesterday and today i've had FIVE piece of cake. that's bordering on gross! i feel that slightly buzzed and certainly sluggish lull that comes with sugar over consumption. i don't get it. after the little bedtime fiasco i downed chips, a cup of yogurt, and some mixed veggies.

someone put this baby (me) to bed.

in happy news i woke up with a heavy heart about a friend from small group and prayed for her for about an hour before i felt i could rest. i emailed her today and asked if there was anything going on. well of course there was :) i like that God is supernatural and puts sensitivities in me like that


Soul Shelter said...

Sorry you had such a rough time getting your beebs to sleep. Hopefully that won't happen again for a long time! =\

Alia said...

Wow--that is like last night for me :)