Friday, May 02, 2008

The Business of Being Born

can you believe that i havnt blogged about the business of being born yet? i must admit that i havnt seen it in it's entirety, though i highly suspect it will teach me nothing i havnt already known and felt for quite a while now. i think a great injustice is being done against women in our country with how the obstetrical medical model is set up. i think we owe it to ourselves, our sisters, our friends, and especially our children to watch this movie, consider it's truths, and act accordingly. for me and my family we birth at home, i think that automatically seems to bias people against my points of view who are not of the opinion that home is where their births should happen. again, FOR US this is what is right, what i am advocating above all things is educating oneself, arming oneself with truths in order to make a real informed consent.

see part of the business of being born, hosted by google video.


Corin said...

Oh, this is so weird to be reading this on your blog. My hsband and I JUST got finished watching the documentary on our computer on Netflix. I was feeling so weird that I hadn't seen it yet!

I'm sitting here gathering images to write about it right now.

It's a pretty awesome thing to finally have homebirth given the {somewhat} spotlight for at least just a moment.

Great documentary...

Sarah said...

I love The Business of Being Born. After I decided my next was going to be a home birth, after doing all the research and finding a midwife, I made my husband watch it. I think now he finally understands.

I've been lurking on your blog and YouTube for awhile. You are an incredible inspiration and an incredible faith filled woman. Thank you for making your life so public.

Kristin Jo said...

I am looking forward to seeing this one. Do you know if its only available thru netflix at the moment?

melanie jennifer said...

I just watched that vid yesterday and cried through most of it. I didn't realize that it was only part of the full documentary though. :(

Living in Canada we don't have access to it on our (Canadian version of Netflix).

But I also think every person should watch this movie. I know that when I do finally become pregnant that I am going to have all my family watch it so they can understand my decision to birth at home.

Amy said...

On the google video I was able to watch the whole you may want to check again. Somebody else I know clicked on it and got the "teaser" but she tried later and got the whole thing:) I am so glad this is being released soon. They are selling it on Amazon(preorder) for $19.99. Jenny you are such an inspiration to so many women!

jenny mae. said...

corin - i really think that with efforts like this being made, little by little the tide will turn. in maybe 20 years the abomination that we currently know as our obstetrical model will be very different.

kristin jo & melanie - you may pre-order it on right now!

amy - inspiring? so sayeth the MIDWIFE!

Radiantsun said...

I'm not planning on kids but if I was...I would birth at home after seeing that movie. Now I'm telling everyone around me about it.


Amber said...

We JUSt finished child...homebirth!!! AMAZING!!!!