Tuesday, May 27, 2008

weekend wrap up

this weekend was characterized by family and food, windy & hot & steamy weather, meeting new babies, singing bob marley to soothe olive - who was the crankiest of cranks with a totally thrown off sleep schedule, picnic after picnic after picnic, augustine always asking with a look of bewilderment "why are we eating outside?, happy to feel comfortable - like really really comfortable, at our church, homemade veggie burgers that were drool-worthy, augustine and david riding on a 4wheeler at my brothers house/could barely drag aug home from such excitement, my pastor praying over me at church - exactly what i needed to hear and i didn't even know it.

not so cool parts of the weekend - hearing a neighbor's dog bark and bark and bark followed by a very loud SHUT UP way too late last night, deafening silence from an old friend, neighbor boy choking auggie (he's fine) & then inviting him in to play video games. augustine very enthusiastically exclaiming yah! video games!! ... ... what's video games? and then after telling me it was a lightening mcqueen race game it turned out they just shot each other in some military game. *eyes bug* yah we went home after that. oh and me as usual being lost in the annuals of our family photographs. and darn it i had such a great hair day yesterday. wah wah wah, jenny.

olive, clearly too young to ride a big 4-wheeler but never too young for big fun

nom nom nom, yum


Radiantsun said...

Your kids are crazy adorable!

I make black bean burgers and planned on making them for my wedding but my friend is vegan and doesn't eat eggs (which I use to keep the burgers together). Do you have a recipe for veggie or bean burgers that don't use eggs?

jenny mae. said...

try using flax seeds mixed with water until they are runny like an egg consistency. that should sub for any egg. i can post a few recipes on my food blog though for you

Radiantsun said...

You are my hero...seriously I would have never thought of that! Thanks so much a million times over!

jenny mae. said...

ok i just put up the veggie burger we made this weekend. YUMMO


rachaeldear said...

ooh! i was just about to ask for the veggie burger recipe! sweet.

jenny mae. said...

i was very pleased at how well these held together. usually homemade veggie burgers are fall-y apart-y but these faired pretty well! it's the oil at the end that you grill them in that sort of solidifies it.