Friday, June 27, 2008

dance any way you want to

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it's been a heck of a morning. the recent storms backed up the (utterly busted but won't be replaced because my landlord is a slacker) drain near our house. it flooded our, along with all of our neighbors, basement and garage. baby books, letters from when david and i were dating and he lived in seattle/i lived in ohio, childhood-now photos of us and our children, our vacuum, washer/dryer all under water.

Sweet Jesus, I know you are a not some magic eight ball that I might shake up and whisper my wishes to you in the hopes that you will grant them to me but please please let this be covered under our renters insurance. Pretty please? Oh, and somehow might all of our family photos not be trashed beyond oblivion.

In you,

so every flat surface in my home has a towel on it and on top of that is some soggy memento of my life that i am trying to pour my heart into saving. It's been like a trip down memory lane going through so many old postcards from friends, wedding pictures, graduation invitations, etc. second to that nostalgia i wonder if my sentimental ways have resulted in a mini stockpile or useless junk. i keep my sentimental hoarding to a minimal though, it's not out of control i swear. it simply feels good to find such and such stuff from ones childhood. i'm doing it for the kids! i try to imagine how i would feel finding this or that from my parents saving it. old letters they wrote back and forth before they were married! sign me up! thank you cards from my moms baby shower? aw... anyways, im a sucker for sentiment. there, i said it.

the above video made my rather melancholy morning much much better and i hope it does to yours too.


Soul Shelter said...

I'm so sorry this happened, and I hope you can salvage a good portion of the things buried under that water.

My apartment building burned two years ago. What didn't burn was ruined with smoke and water damage from the fire hoses. My unit and everyone elses' in the building were gone. I lost almost everything save a few articles of clothing, my computer, and my frog and fish I had at the time.

Pictures of my dad (who passed away in '98) were ruined along with my artwork and all the contents in my college art portfolio.

I had no renter's insurance.

I'm believing with you that everything is covered.

Kristin Jo said...

Thats just terrible! I hope you're able to salvage everything the best you can...

I'm with you on sentimentality and most if not all of my cutest baby/childhood clothing was saved by my crazy mother--which I cannot wait to give to my kids. So, keep hoarding!

And to make you feel better, we are cleaning out my father in law's storage unit for him and he has like 900 swatch watches (he is swiss, but STILL). I am not kidding they are in a pile on the floor. So you will NEVER be up to his level of hoardage.


Hannah said...

The video made my heart smile.
And so sorry to hear about your things. Hopefully they will dry out like it never happened.

Karl, Ashley, Ethan and Evelyn Malefyt said...

I couldn't even imagine having to sort through soggy memories like that. I'm sorry you have to deal with such a bummer experience.

saltycanvas said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm so very sorry to hear about all of your personal belongings. I hope that everything was salvageable, I cannot imagine how heartwrenching it is to sit amongst all of the little momentos that you would likely give everything else up for. I hope everything is okay!

I just wanted to pass along a short video I thought you would be intersted in seeing. In the beginning of May, the city I live in (Fredericton, New Brunswick) flooded. It was the worst recorded flood ever, even surpassing a massive flood in 1973. The Mactaquac damn ( is approximately 5km outside of the city, and its gates were opened as they could no longer hold any more of the water and ice above. As a result, thousands of houses were flooded/wiped out, farms were destroyed, and the downtown core (where I work at a Crowne Plaza Hotel) was flooded. There was no power for over a week (rubber boots and 15 hour shifts to bail water out in the pitch black was not fun). Though the waters have receeded, many people are still left homeless and broken.