Saturday, June 28, 2008

through the eyes of a child

this week augustine went to vacation bible school at my parents church. (he loved it) one of the things he made in his craft time there was a pinwheel. when he got home it was laying around the house and olive ripped it, he was heartbroken. during his nap i cleaned up the house a little and it wound up in the trash. later in the day he was throwing something away and noticed it there, took it out, and brought it to me.

mommy, why would you throw this away?
well honey, it's ripped. you don't want that.
but mommy, it is special TO ME.

and i cried. and cried. and cried. i was struck so hard, as i often am by the insights of my child, at how that is absolutely the Gospel. broken and messed up, discarded and yes we are so precious to Jesus. the first model of the Lord i experienced in my life was being a child - someone taking care of me, loving me unconditionally, disciplining me when i needed it. the second model of the Lord i experienced in my life was marriage - someone to challenge me, inspire me, love me for who i am. the last and most deeply impacting relationship where i have seen the Lord modeled is that of parenting a small child. now i am on the other side of things and, without inflating myself to any level of Christ, i see in myself a small glimpse of how Christ could love and cherish me, just as i love my own children. thick and thin, good days and bad, i am welcomed home with open arms. there is nothing my child could do against my wishes that i would not forgive. there is no lengths to their rebellion (and they are far at times!) that i would not reach out and still beckon them back to the safety of my love. i discipline them because i love them but in the end it is love that reigns in my heart.

then i saw this and bawled my eyes out.


Hannah said...

I'm going to watch the whole video, but a had to pause it at 1:17 and tell you I'm already crying.

allison said...

Oh, great. The one day I wear mascara . . . thanks Jenny!

I totally empathise with your being floored by how God can reveal Himself through motherhood. It's a VERY humbling (and awesome!)(but mostly humbling) experience. God bless us mothers, everywhere. Help us lead these precious little ones to a closer understanding of you and in our shepherding, make us more like the Good Shepherd.

teamdavis said...

Thank you for sharing this video...amazing!