Tuesday, June 24, 2008


false alarm.

what happened was that i was home alone with olive, a package of screws for hanging the curtains & new prints was on the table. while i was on the computer she pushed a chair over to the table, climbed up to said table, and claimed aforementioned package of screws as her own. when i turned around she was making a chewing motion with her mouth and she had a screw in her other hand. i immediately ran over and pursed her cheeks telling her to spit it out, which i have never had her not comply with. she's a very obedient and comprehensive child. but no screw came out and upon doing a finger sweep in her mouth i felt nothing. so i figured my first line of defense would be to try to make her throw up the object since it couldn't possibly be that far into her stomach let alone intestines. i must say that trying to make your baby throw up is the worst, most pitifully sad thing i've ever done with a child. she was was whimpering and acting very confused about my actions. so no screw came up so in the following two minutes i called david and told him to borrow a car from a workmate (he has of course ridden his bicycle to work) and meet me at riverside's ER, then my mom to tell her what was up, to start praying, and that i would not me meeting her that night as previously planned, then austin to tell him to pray. each conversation was about 2 sentences long and then i just ran to the car with olive. half way there i the following thoughts go through my head:

- what if i have a panic attack and can't take care of her? (my worst and constant lingering fear)
- THANK YOU LORD that we just got health insurance on monday!!
-you forgot olive's shoes

the actual time spent at the ER was of no real note. i will mention that the clock in our particular room was about an hour slow though. very odd for a hospital i thought. oh and olive hates rectal thermometers, go figure.

and that concludes olive's first trip to a doctor


saylor days said...

so what happened? did she swallow a screw?

jenny mae. said...

false alarm thankfully

John McCollum said...

Thank God.

Ashley said...

Hi Jenny, I found my way here via LJ. I love your blog!

I have 3 bebes -- 8, 6 & 11 mos. When the 8 & 6 yr olds were 2 & 4 (I think) my husband called me at work asking if I had used all the sunscreen recently. Nope, it was almost brand new. Uh-oh! Somehow the kids got it, he found them with it smeared around their mouths and on their breath, on their hands -- and the bottle was empty, but the bulk of the sunscreen was missing.

I called poison control & it turns out if they ingested it, it'd be like a painkiller overdose - very dangerous!

So I meet him at the ER, they have yummy charcoal milkshakes (gag) -- there are no traces of sunscreen in their bodies after many, many hours . . . we go home.

A few days later we find sunscreen had been squirted into every toy in their toybox. Sunscreen filled toy cars. Sunscreen in babydoll mouths. Sunscreen in teacups, doll shoes, jumprope handles.

Apparently they gave it a taste (it does smell good) but then decided to just squirt it everywhere and scare us half to death. Good times.


I'm glad your Olive is ok!!

jenny mae. said...

ashley - WHAT A STORY! hahaha

Corin said...

Oh my gosh, thank goodness Olive is okay.

And what a story about the sunscreen Ashley!

I can't imagine the panic you guys must have felt. I haven't had to go through it yet, but I'm sure my turn is just around the corner!

Sarah said...

yikes, that is freaky. So did they say if she had swallowed it they would have just let it pass through? was it sharp?

jenny mae. said...

sarah - if she has swallowed one they would have had to do surgery because it was too sharp to safely pass her lower intestines. i gathered it would have poked all kinds of holes in her bowel, GI tract. ow ow

Lacy said...

Hello there! (It's me, your sis in law's friend, Lacy)
Our little guy swallowed a marble last year and we more or less did the same frantic phone call dance and meet at the hospital for Xrays. We have a great picture of a marble entering his digestive tract. Thankfully it was safe enough to let it work it's way through. Then began the lovely duty of sifting through his duty.

I'm so glad she's okay. Goodness kids are scary sometimes!