Saturday, June 14, 2008


today i totally lose at life and it's only 9:45 am. got the kids up and ready, had a plan of errands - farmers market for salad greens & chicken, drop off of toys to donate, go to target for a few new toys (aug has just a handful of toys that are age & interest appropriate so we're doing a switcheroo as long as we donate the one he isn't playing with), and then back home. so i get two bags of toys wrapped up and double bagged in trash bags, feed and clothe my kids & self, throw on some foundation, change a diaper, and off we go!

except not.

imagine me standing on our front step, two trash bags of toys weighing down one hand that is also holding half of my uneaten bagel, the other hand clutching olive's, my keys, and wallet. auggie is skipping down the sidewalk holding our cloth bags and i'm about to close the door when i realize david has taken my car to work, with the car seats in it because last nights storms made it much too wet to ride his bike. d'oh!!

so, ever one to try to make lemonade out of lemons i suggest we go for a walk in the wagon. i get about a mile away before it starts raining.

this day rocks! so now i have parked the children in front of the tv while i seethe into my cup of coffee.


Amber said...

Aw, that is really disappointing!!! But hurray for TV and coffee!!!

Soul Shelter said...

Aw, Jenny. I'm sorry your day had such a rough start. Those bad days are inevitable.

Here's to an awesome day tomorrow for you!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, those days are SWEET!!! i feel for you :) -hilary

Nicole D said...

So sorry Jenny!!! Those days suck. But, as Amber said, "Horray for cafe and tellies"