Monday, June 16, 2008

father's day, garden photos

yesterday was fathers day and it was lame and unceremonious. we were supposed to get together with my parents and have a cookout it didn't end up happening so i was left in a lurch and had no father's day plans. so we did nothing. david probably could have cared less, he isn't very celebratory about anything. i felt like the lamest wife ever though

his mustache continues to amuse me

yesterday we rode our bikes to church which was great. after church we went over to work on the garden (me) and david and austin purchased materials and made rain barrels. no pictures of said barrels though as i had to leave with some crazy kids so they could lie down for a nap. oh and somehow i left my keys in maggie & austin's freezer. HUH? we wrongly blamed olive for losing them in the garden the whole afternoon. whoops. here is how our garden is growing

raspberries coming out

head lettuces, like whoah!


the beans are really taking off

all three broccoli plants are looking great too

those are the only photos i took but so far out of the enormous list of things that we have growing only the spinach has failed. i still don't get it, im frustrated. im sure it was weather related somehow as the soil is as perfect as i think it can be. we took home enough salad for several days of salads but i think ill just dump it altogether and take it to small group tomorrow instead.

also it's been a little hot around here

bonnets are my addiction

neighborhood picnic

and most importantly MY HUSBAND STARTS COLLEGE TODAY!! again... for those new to this blog the condensed version of this situation goes as follows - david went to college and got a degree in commercial photography. several years into the profession it was in no way satisfying and so we agreed he deserved to be at a job he loved. so we sold our house, moved into a cheap rental, accepted some financial help from davids parents (without whom this would be impossible), and now he is going back to OSU to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. so we will be poor (but hopefully rich in love and faith and friends and experience!) for the next 4-5 years.


rayray said...

you've got the most punk rock husband ever. :) we didn't do anything for fathers day either, britt went out to a coffee shop for a few hours which is something he loves to do... i wore a skirt that he likes, and we had his favorite burritos (with chipotles type of rice)...we move to dayton ohio starting wednesday, so we're sorta busy anyhoo. :)

maureen said...

i love olive's bonnet. where did you get it?

hey- i meant to ask you if you've watched 'the future of food'?

jenny mae. said...

rayray - where at in dayton? i think we've discussed that i used to live there. we lived in kettering

maureen - isn't it adorable!? she has two and they are from greenfield village which is i believe part of the henry ford museum up in detroit. it's sort of like the ohio village but WAY better. and no i havnt seen that movie, what it is?

Hannah said...

Ah Jenny, you have such a beautiful family! Your kids, your husband, yourself, all so beautiful. I felt like a big loser because I didn't get my dad's card sent out until yesterday, and I'm big on being on time with cards, but I didn't have the car until Saturday, so... I guess that's just how it is.
Your garden is looking so great! And I'm so cheering for David!

rayray said...

oh yeah, kettering! we're moving to my parents while we apt/house/job's up salem ave towards the good sam hospital. :) by the way, my friend is seeing your midwife now! :)

jenny mae. said...

hannah - im going to err on the "it's the thought that counts" here. it's not like you sent it a month late. :)

rayray - YAY!!! i just talked to her this week and it made me smile ear to ear

Modern Housewife said...

how old is your Olive?
We love the name.
and your blog, thanks for sharing!

kasandora said...

My husband wasn't aware of the importance of fathers day (imported holiday here)...I tried to show him, but we ended up hot and sweaty on a mountain...But its the thought that counts right?

rayray said...

i can't remember--did you guys convert your cars to VO on your own or did you have a friend/mechanic do it? my parents have diesels and i think my husband and dad are going to convert one of them, if they can. oh, or did you buy them already converted? we've talked about getting a 2nd car for a long time so i have one to get around with the kids, but with gas prices i changed my mind. BUT, if we had a veggie car, i'd have no problem with driving. :)

jenny mae. said...

modern housewife - she is 14 months old. and thank you!

kasandora - totally the thought that counts :)

rayray - it was a home-done job. david is a wizz with all thing mechanical (hence he is persuing a degree in mechanical engineering) if you want to talk about this more at length shoot me an email - softletters AT gmail . com

rayray said...

thanks! I'll get back to ya for more info if/when my husband and dad get around to the project! :)

underneaththeolivetree said...

How bizarre, this father's day must have been all about doing nothing because we didn't do much at all on fathers day either but bask in the sun in the backyard and he watched the golf, went for a golf lesson and I loved that we didn't had to be anywhere entertaining other people, my hubby's not that sentimental about fathers day either, I guess thats his choice but when Mother's Day hits he needs to step up. PS: your garden is looking fabulous great job

Anonymous said...

you can try again with the spinach in the fall, since it's a cool weather vegetable.
i hope everything works out with your husband's schooling. it will be tough, but worth it in the end.

jenny mae. said...

nutmeg - yes i did know that it was a cool weather veggie. i was so looking forward to it now and i guess i was just cyber pouting for a little while.

Anonymous said...

AUGH! have you seen this?

Amber said...
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Amber said...

Olive's bonnet is out of control adorable!!!! I was looking at patterns just yesterday at the fabric store and I saw these amazing bonnet patterns...I knew that I loved them (my tastes are often different from those around me haha) but I didn't know if anyone else would buy them...I'm so excited that she has bonnets!!! Maybe I shall just have to birth a baby girl to put bonnets on :)

Anonymous said...

love your blog...saw this and thought of you. A new, adorable children's book by marisa haedike called Who are you going to be today Olive? about a little bird learning about herself with the help of good friends. Check it out! Kindly, ERIN

jenny mae. said...

erin - you are the second person TODAY to tell me about that book!

Anita said...

have you looked at urbanbabybonnets on I just saw their bonnets at the street festival in Yellow Springs last weekend - and they are SUPER CUTE! I soo wanted to get one...

All this trouble... said...

I just happened upon your blog. I love it! Cooking, gardening and birthin' babies is my passion!

Corin said...

1. Your garden is beautiful.

2. I like his mustache!

saltycanvas said...

Hi Jenny!

I love when I haven't read your blog for a while and then there is so much to read and catch up on... I hope that isn't stalker-esque? hahaha

I love the little garden... I picked up a book about how to have container gardens (we only have a balcony) so I hope next year I can have a little vegetable garden on my patio.

I've missed your blog!