Thursday, June 05, 2008

road trippin!

im home alone. i almost don't know what to do with myself!! im tempted to try to ride my new bike but i have other more pressing things to do. work on transcribing reports, justice garden flyers/ideas, many times lately i've said "i feel like winnie the pooh saying think think think", etc. for 30 minutes today my house was very clean, then the children woke from their slumber and blew up the toy box and olive turned into pigpen from charlie brown somehow. this heat coupled with our lack of air conditioning, save for a wimpy window unit, gives her as maggie has said the look of a dust bowl baby. lots of laughs on that one, it's true!

we drove to indianapolis yesterday where i got to (finally!) meet a long time internet friend allison ([info]psychichearts). i think we've been friends almost as long as i've been involved in the internerd, i mean internet. :) we purchased one of her bikes. i now have inherited davids old one and he gets the new one. makes sense since he bikes about 14 miles to work and i just go for short jaunts around the neighborhood. now to get one of those *fancy trailers to pull the kids in and we're officially clintonvillians! allison rocks! i knew she would! my kids rocked out on her drums, harassed her cats, had a great time there. i just got back from a 3 mile ride and im sweaty and loving it

his & hers (mine is the brava, his is the pista from allison)

the trip there took 3 1/2 hours, the trip back 5-6. the kids were a seemingly endless parade of gotta pee, poo, i wanna nurse! olive is touching me! he took my apple! WAAAH! are we home yet!? *hair rip* big bonus was that on one of those breaks i remembered that we had stopped and taken a photo, the first photo of us together, on our way back from cornerstone 1996 on such and such bench at such and such rest stop. don't ask me to remember the names of the ladies who wonderfully care for my child at the nursery EVERY WEEK but a random truck stop from 12 years ago, sure! so we took another photo in the same spot but this time with the fam. aww.

1996. OMG BLOND!

2008, with chillins!

this is not an endorsement to throw babies i swear.

in the car auggie & david running somewhere doing something

neighbors: one lady has two (!) corgis and i will not feel embarrassed about how much i look out the window and coo when she walks them. i love them, even though david insists they are (direct quote) "foxes with their legs chopped off". & i also really like hearing my next door neighbor kwame laugh. our windows are both open right now and i hear it. he's african and it sounds different somehow, more jolly and high pitched. & i do not like it when i see my neighbor cry because she is having marital problems. that breaks and shakes me and makes me feel blessed because of who i am married to. because he will never break or shake me or us. i feel powerless to help and that bothers me. so i do what i always do, listen and bake them food because that's what i'm good at. that is my loaf and fish that i pray God multiplies somehow, someway always and always in ways i can't understand.

*edit: david came home with said fancy trailer! we're "in"!

btw im new to using iphoto. how to i crop photos! give me back my photoshop pc!!


kasandora said...

i think to crop in iphoto (I use a macbook pro, and sometimes am clueless myself) you click the photo, then edit on the bottom of the screen(it is shaped like a pencil)...then you should see the edit buttons on the bottom...

I think you like making movies right? What do you think of imovie? I used to use movie maker, and I think it has better effects, etc. Sort of curious to know your thoughts, because maybe I am just not using it right...

jenny mae. said...

well i actually mean resizing, not necessarily just cropping. like the dimensions. photoshop makes it very easy but iphoto im struggling to find where you do that. someone suggested getting a flickr account and using that. apparently they have built in features for such things

and yes, i border on obsession with making little movies! i havnt used imovie yet. still getting used to the mac but i hope to take a crack at it soon.

kasandora said...

Resizing is next to impossible! We were trying to make a passport photo for our daughter and we spent probably 3 hours futzing with the program...I am clueless on resizing as well...hehe...sorry about the useless advice!

saylor days said...

that's my husband! hot stuff.

Katherine said...

Hi Jenny,
This doesn't have anything to do with your post--sorry! My husband and I are planning to have our second baby at home with a CNM in December. I was wondering if you could suggest any good books that you may have read while you were preparing for Olive's birth? Waterbirth isn't out of the question, but we're not completely committed to it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

jenny mae. said...

katherine - first, i think it's great that you aren't too wedded to the idea of a waterbirth. i had one, you probably know that, but it is what felt right in the moment. to get into the water that is. so my best advice is to just follow what feels right. ok so on to the book suggestions!

ina may's guide to childbirth
birthing from within*
active birth
journey into motherhood**
spiritual midwifery***
anything by sheila katzinger, dr. sears (the birth book), henri goer, or ina may gaskin really.

*i got the most out of this book.
** this is a great book for inspiration! it's all natural birth stories!
*** i wouldn't start with this one, it's got some hippy language that some people might not digest as well as some other books. personally i loved it though because that's just how i roll.

Carly said...

I've been a silent reader of your blog for a while now, but I decidedly to come out of hiding to offer some amateur advice. I have a MacBook, and I don't know how to resize pictures either. What I've been doing is opening the picture in Preview, then zooming in or out depending on how big I want it, then doing a screen shot (apple + shift + 4). You can then just drop that picture into your iPhoto. I hope that helps!

Maria. said...

Yea, Jenny! I remember when you came over with David and had black hair and Duane and I were like, "it sounds like Jenny and kind of looks like her face but that's not her hair color!" I love that! Duane's dad always asked about Jenny with the blonde hair. Apparently he likes blondes, wonder how I fit in???

I saw some pics of Colin the other day and wow I felt old, I told my girls, "I used to babysit for Colin and his brother and sisters." (Hi, Michelle! I'm David's big sister!)

That picture brings back great memories for me and I am not even in it!

rachaeldear said...

so, if you took 70 into indianapolis, you probably drove right by my house...

meridith said...

if anyone wants to talk about feeling old let me just say that i went to cornerstone for the first time in 96 or 97 and i was and i remember no tagbacks as the high schoolers from the rock with a band.

jenny mae. said...

meredith- i remember calling radio u and requesting "all the pretty girls are alcoholics" by NTB!

jenny mae. said...

rachael - we did and i thought of you!!!