Saturday, August 02, 2008

dating my husband again, toddler bed

david and i have been on more dates (all movies) in the last month than we ever have since having children. THREE WHOLE DATES! we are both rather astounded that we managed to pull these off. sometimes i get jealous that so many of my friends have regular date nights, literally once per week! then i remind myself that i have two wee children & am in the midst of a very busy season in my life. the first movie we saw was Wanted, that angelina jolie movie. it wasn't bad but it was nothing to write home about. actually we joked that it was like the maxtrix meets office space. wayyy to bloody for me though. how many heads do i need to see explode in slow motion really? the second was xfiles. poor poor xfiles movie. i was so excited to see it, as xfiles is my all-time favorite tv show. the energy of mulder and scully did not disappoint but the storyline had some dots that struggled to connect. plus i did not root for some of the main characters to succeed nor did i find the plot believable. which is really funny considering some of the tv shows themes. vampires, men who can hide in people's blind spots, people who's shadows are actually blackholes, ghost ships in the bermuda triangle, all of these things are strung together in a plausible manner though :) wednesday night our friends nathan and meredith watched the kids and we went to go see the new batman. let me just say in all honesty that it was no chore watching a larger than life christian bale for 2 1/2 hours. he is easy on the eyes that is for sure. and the cameo by cillian murphy? also very happy to take in with my little eye. ok so enough celebrity swooning. the movie was pretty good, i felt it was dark (duh. as expected) which im sensitive too. this was a criticism of the xfiles movie too, it was too dark for my taste. i am really sensitive to particular plot lines - women being taken from their loved ones, anything involving the mistreatment of children, separation from my husband, or people giving up their once stedfast faith in humanity for nihilism/apathy. i was a little worried that one or both of the movies would give me nightmares which - don't laugh! - batman begins did.

in other news, we have begun the transition of olive out of our bed and not a minute too soon considering the scoffing look my father gave me last night. WOW. i certainly didn't feel under a judgmental microscope for one minute, nope. augustine's toddler bed is now at the foot of our bed and the plan is to move in phases. first phase: let her fall asleep in our bed as normal, when one of us comes to bed move her into the toddler bed. phase two: have her fall asleep in the toddler bed. phase three: move toddler bed out of our bedroom. pretty much like this-

you know, little steps!

who knows how long any of this will take. personally i don't care. last night was our first crack at it and she slept all night! i woke up oh, half a dozen times? to check for breathing. haha. but no, it is now quarter to 9 am and she is still snoozing. good stuff!

today, cook out at the baxter's. tomorrow, baking team for church.


rayray said...

i miss dates! i'm jealous of my childless married friends. or the pregnant ones who still can date. :p

the out-of-the-bed transition is always interesting. somehow ryan ended up out of ours (well, mostly) around when she was 4-5 months. weird. she's still in our room though. we always stay up late and she liked to go to bed around 7 in the wrap so i'd slide out of the wrap and lie her in the middle of our bed... eventually i just started lying her in her own bed. :) now if shes in bed with me shes crawling around and kicking/hitting my face. ow.

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