Sunday, August 03, 2008

the whole world is watching

i wonder what my children, particularly augustine since he is older and more observant, thinks we are doing at small group on monday nights. we converge inside after taking off their shoes for a shared potluck meal before shooing the children (and there are many!) outside (with adult supervision) for a time of worship, scripture reading, and discussion. we then break up into smaller groups usually about 3-4 people in each group and lay hands and pray for one another before letting the kids come back in and usurp authority over the noise level again. but like, what do the children think we are doing inside while they all play? augustine knows conceptually who Jesus is in a foundational way but he hasn't adopted the deeper ramifications of it all (of course). though my neighbor still maintains that her 2 1/2 yr old has accepted Jesus ill add. there's nothing i want more than for my kids to come to know Christ, in fact i pray over them daily that they will come into the truth of God early and radically. all in due time & time will tell.

i fed the whole world this weekend. at least that is how i felt. cookout at my brothers, cookout at the baxters, baking team for church today, dinner party tonight, group tomorrow night. i am cooked out!! and yet these pesky family members of mine keep coming back for more food every 3-4 hours! im going to start putting food out in a trough wherein they are free to nom nom nom at their leisure and i don't have to cook.

and now, deep thoughts with augustine sigler.

A: mommy is it going to rain
me: i don't know honey. i sure hope so.
A: why?
me: well then i won't have to water the garden. it's much better when mother nature does it for us so we don't waste water.
A: but i already watered it! [he had] what is mother nature?
me: mother nature is anything around us that is growing.
A: ...
she should come over more often and water our plants

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Amber said...

hahaha...that convo is so cute!!!