Monday, August 11, 2008

Fair 2008

so once again, as per our annual tradition, we went to the ohio state fair. this year was perfect weather wise. the last two years have been so disgustingly hot that the idea of signing up for this again made me question my sanity. but this year it was high 70s and breezy with a bright blue sky.

just imagine augustine and i on about 25 different rides. we barely made it there before augustine was begging to do this. and do it we did about 10 times

we ate at the taste of ohio and i had locally raised chicken (chicken noodles over mashed potatoes. YUM) and somehow the kids had locally grown mac & cheese? that rings false to me. moving on, i was very pleased to see the biodegradable plates & silverware in use. people were actually doing it right from what i saw

we did end up seeing the 2,500 lbs butter sculpture. right next to the equally ginormous butter sculpture of all of the presidents from ohio.

& auggie milked a cow and was fascinated. further proof that i am going to send him to farm camp!

and they had a petting zoo and we bought some carrots to feed them. olive insisted on feeding ONE animal the entire time. a beloved black alpaca

(many more on my flickr account)

after the fair we went down to ohio statium. augustine has never been and well, my dad bleeds scarlet and gray so it was about time the boy went down to see where the action is.

while the boys walked around the stadium olive, my mom, and i went for a walk in the flowers

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Amber said...

Yes!!! Finally the butter cows! For some reason I was picturing some really sloppy butter pads smooshed together...but oh how I was wrong in my butter pre-judgements...they were really impressive!!