Monday, August 11, 2008

from awesomefest this weekend

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Originally uploaded by Shutter-Think


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, you guys look awesome in those photos!

i have a problem, you might be able to help me with. we live in northern ohio. about 1 1/2 hours south of cleveland, I'm planning a homebirth, and i'm RH-. this is becoming an issue, since as you know, homebirth midwives in ohio can not legally "practice medicine". my local health department can do the PKU test for the baby but can't do Rhogam for me unless i become their patient. i am planning on skipping the 28 week dose of rhogam and only getting it after the baby comes "just in case" our blood mixes. my husband had a positive blood type, so chances are the baby will not be Rh- like me. heres my question (finally), what does your midwife do for her moms that are RH-? I am the first patient of my midwife who is in my particular county, and we can't figure out the rules here...
i'm curious what other midwives do about this. Thanks for letting me pick your brain so much.

Kristin Jo said...

Not sure what awesome[fest] is, but this is it.

~Christy said...

Ok i just found your blog through "olives homebirth/waterbirth" video on youtube...and i have decited that if it wasent for the fact that you live in Ohio and I live in Oklahoma we could be best friends!! haha:)


jenny mae. said...

sarah allow me to give you amy's - my midwives apprentice whom i love and trust very much - email address. she saw this comment and sent me an email with permission for me to share it with you.

kristin jo - awesomefest is kind of a hipster triathalon here in columbus. 35 miles of biking, 11 hour movie marathon (rocky!), and a tattoo.

christy - thank you! welcome to my blog

saraH said...

Oh, Thank you so much!

kasandora said...

I blog awarded you...I'm sure you get these all the time, but just wanted you to know you inspire me.

christin joy said...

11 hour marathon of rocky? i'd be in heaven. i'm a rocky fanatic! this pics are absolutely phenomenal. its true.