Friday, September 05, 2008

Cincinnati recap

tuesday morning we got up, ate a quick breakfast, packed ourselves in the car, and hit the road heading to cincinnati to visit my old friend nicole and to go shopping at ikea. the trip there was uneventful and thank the Lord olive fell asleep for a suitable length of time! on the way there we stopped at burger king (we had coupons) and got lunch. i had awoken that morning feeling sort of ick but i got half way through my chicken sandwich and found myself sweating and clutching my stomach hanging over the toilet in the bathroom. i did not end up "uneating" my sandwich but just ew. that feeling is so so awful am i right?

meanwhile david had put the children back in the car and he asked if i was alright then told me he felt sick too now! d'oh! literally we are within eyesight of ikea and we start questioning whether to go or not. so we agree to just sprint through the whole store and not dilly dally. we drove 1 1/2 hrs and darn it i'm getting my retail therapy! i quickly grab a map of the store in case one or more of us feels like we need to upchuck, need to know where those bathrooms are. we had a small list of things to purchase: new chaircovers to replace the ripped one, a table (red) and chairs (green) for the kids for christmas, pillow inserts, baby duvet and pillow inserts for owl bedding olive has (from allison!), hot pad holders (as somehow mine have stepped into a wormhole somewhere in my apartment), and a side table to match our bed because the table we have now is missing a leg. oh and my dear friend patti wanted us to pick up a chest of drawers for her boys. we actually did not deviate like i thought i would. the only thing i got that was not on the list was a bunny for augustine and wrapping paper. which really was too delightful and cheap not to get.

(sidebar: any name suggestions for the bunny? i suck at naming things besides my own children. olive has three dolls and only one had a name until last week! no lame names like Hopper or Peter please.)

so then we needed to decide whether or not we were going to nicole's home to, in my mind at least, possibly infect her and evan with some horrid stomach bug which it seems a lot of my friends have had lately. augustine who, TMI! had explosive diarrhea twice in ikea was chipper as a daisy and begged me to stay the night at nicole's and that he felt fine. so i relented, as by this point i was the only one feeling queasy still and even that had given way mostly to just fatigue. the problem was that nicole and evan were still at work since we had run so quickly through ikea. so we went to a park near their house for an hour. did i mention it was 91 out? and the park was full sun? and i had a dark navy shirt on? and i felt sick? so lemonade from scorching hot lemons was made and there happened to be a water fountain there that david turned into a sprinkler by pressing on the valve with his finger while it was on. i got soak through twice and was still dry as a bone when we showed up on their doorstep, for real.

it was so nice staying with them. we had a fantastic dinner from some pizza place called Dewey's. best salad! i tried recreating it at home, FAIL. we told stories and laughed, my kids chased their cats and we sat outside looking at the garden and watching for bats at twilight. it was so fun!

also, i think im getting a new tattoo but can't pick between two ideas.


rae said...

i live 30 min from ikea, i love it. :) were you on 75 or 71? i live right off of 75 and you might've passed by me. :D ikea rocks...hey where in cinci were you? we used to live in hyde park and go to deweys in oakley, it was good times. i love cinci. :)

jenny mae. said...

we went 71 to 75. oh and we were in norwood but im unsure which we ordered from since we ordered out

Kristin said...

We have a pet rabbit named Hunza. We named him after a people group in pakistan who live in the Hunzakut valley... they all live to be like 120 years old, bearing children in their 70's, all have perfect vision, can walk for miles on end, no cancer, etc. etc. We thought they were so cool that we named Hunza after them! If you want to steal our bunny's name, we won't be offended. :)

rae said...

hyde park is by oakley and norwood so you probably got it from the oakley deweys, unless a newer one opened... :) living in dayton sometimes feels like i'm still in NY, and i get all excited to here of someone like you eating at a place i used to go to.. :) ...i can't wait to move back to cinci eventually!

shutterthink said...

You should name him Keith.

underneaththeolivetree said...

Jenn, a great name I've been vibrating to lately is Beebalm, its a native ohioan plant flower which is dried and you can drink it as a herbal tea and it tastes fabulous I thought it would make a cute bunny name, I can picture it now, here beebalm, come on little beebalm, beebalm where are you? its a suggestion anyhow, hope you guy's are feeling better, sorry to hear about your friend, she's in the light now and in a calmer place may her soul now be at peace.
love & light