Friday, September 05, 2008

discouraging video

power to the peaceful

now i admit i have no knowledge of what is actually going on in this video so it is a bit unfair but really, come on. how unfair could the camera be in this situation? there are one million other ways to solve things than with violence. they may not be the easiest, the cheapest, or quickest but it is always the better way.


Ashley Malefyt said...

I am curious, what were they protesting? I hadn't seen this before now (don't watch much "adult" tv).

jenny mae. said...

the republican national convention

Katherine said...

Although I do hate seeing security officers roughing up protestors for any reason, the truth is that there has been a lot of violence perpetrated by the protestors themselves outside the RNC (ironically, most of the protestors claim to be anti-war and anti-violence). There was one incident on Tuesday during which protestors prevented republican delegates from even getting into the convention center--they beat up and intimidated a few delegates, including an elderly woman! Now, I don't care which side of this election you're on---that's just wrong. I'm ashamed of the way some Americans have chosen to protest the RNC, and think the security officials have been pretty leniant with the amount of arrests they've made (since when is it legal for protestors to be masked while defacing public property? That's unnecesarily dangerous!)