Sunday, October 12, 2008

adventurous spirit

today olive is 18 months old.

i'm so in love with her and just how we relate to one another. she's outgoing, feisty but not defiant, never sits still but isn't a hyper-hypo. with augustine i had a whole dramatic situation that seriously complicated a nursing relationship so i am very happy that things have gone and continue to go smoothly with olive. i delight in her adventurous spirit


jan said...

Happy 18 month birthday to Olive! My sister and I found her birth on youtube last week and we still get weepy about it. She's beautiful.

jenny mae. said...

jan *i* still get weepy watching that video and i was there and i made it! :)

dan and rachel said...

hey jenny,
i've been following your blog for awhile now. you and i have a lot in common. we have a lot of similar profile interests as well. i also have a boy and a girl and my kids are just about your kids' ages. my dd was born on 4/11/2007 so when i saw this post, i had to comment. i found your blog through your homebirth video, which was very inspirational. i also had a hospital birth with jude (my first) and an amazing, perfect, natural birth with a midwife with my daughter, indigo. i recently trained to become a doula and we are currently in the process of adopting our third.
may God richly bless you and your family. i have so enjoyed reading your posts!

jenny mae. said...

well hello jan! nice to meet you!

meridith said...

she's so beautiful :)
we still want to babysit, i apologize for being a slacker and not getting you dates yet. i will!