Friday, November 21, 2008


aradhna last night was insanely good. at one point i just closed my eyes and got lost shaking my legs and head around. i bought a cd of theirs, dang so good! a few weeks ago i was struck in a new way with how you can encounter the Holy Spirit in a deep and real way despite having a full (sometimes even miniscule to no) understanding of what is being said. particularly i was thinking about it in scripture but listen to such beautiful hindi (and sanscrit even a little napali sprinkled in i believe) it made even more sense to me. i could understand maybe one, two words the entire evening in the songs and yet i felt so close to the Spirit of the Lord there. that feeling that you can't explain of the goosebumps forming all over your body and you just feel such a manifestation of something. anyways here are some photos of last night a la john mccollum's flickr. here's two songs of theirs you might like. all morning it's been me, ear buds in totally lost in their music. i only wish i had the cd with the song gaao re on it (you can here it here on myspace) that is my favorite of theirs)

aradhna - jaya dev & prem milan

the night was a free admission thanks to the folks from international friendships, which is something i've been meaning to blog about. our small group is starting involvement with this organization and im really excited (but kinda nervous too!) in a nutshell we will be contacts for people coming to the US, generally providing hospitality, positive exposure to US culture, etc. it isn't some "christian conversion tactic". i mean if they wanted to come and talk about that we wouldn't turn them away but mostly we are just trying to fulfill our humanly duty of hospitality. i cannot imagine moving to a country and speaking little/no of the national language, not to mention not knowing a soul or having a real grasp on the culture. i think i would cry my eyes out in frustration and isolation.

all of the proceeds from last night went towards freedom firm - which rescues children from sex trafficking. oh. my heart during the video. they rescue these little girls (8! 12! etc) and prosecute the pimps, brothel workers, etc. and take them to a transitional home for counseling and to learn some trade, etc. again. such a heavy heart thinking of the loss of childhood these girls have endured. the crux of the video shown was a seasoned prostitute of the ripe age of 12 who had been rescued from the red light district.

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