Friday, November 07, 2008

free fancy food

is there such thing as an incense emergency? because i only have one stick left. that sounds ridiculous i know, but burning that stuff helps me unwind. someone bring me some nag champa stat!! i know they have some at the co-op, ill run there after church on sunday.

david has been freelancing at his old job this week and i feel so bad for him he's so tired. school, work, family, freelancing, small group, church, oh i dunno SLEEPING? it's a lot for one man. money is little compensation for such exhaustion, however i am glad he is only freelancing and not still working there. we went to a party last night, celebrating the company's move into a new (read: HUGE), swanky space in gahanna. it was bittersweet. first it brought up a lot of anger in me as throughout the party people were still working! like printing and mounting pictures DURING THE PARTY. oh those poor folks. here we are enjoying wine and cheese (and chocolate fountain!) and they are slaving away over the durst printer. then we toured the space which was easily 3X bigger than the old one. it was an entire warehouse that they had divided up into multiple shooting studios, production rooms, model changing areas, kitchens, offices, etc. it sort of made me sad (but kinda happy for them too) that david had poured himself into the company for 4 yrs and never got to see this day as an employee. i mean that guy slept on the couch and never came home many times. one week he worked 100 hours for crying out loud! and, not belittling david but it's not like he was some ER doctor or something. it was a digital imaging studio! i couldnt get comfortable the whole night thinking about such things. i am happy the place has prospered but i felt so terrible for the people still working there. and with the high overhead that the enormous upgrade in space cost im sure no one will be getting raises nor more people hired on to help. not cool. i will most definitely eat your fancy free food though.

ps. oh, how dave matthews' tweeting amuses me


saylor days said...

we have the same passion for incense. we get nag champa at rag-a-rama! or a store called tropical trends...if you can't wait till sunday.

aceofhats said...

I know we talked about this yesterday, but I thought about it afterward, and I'm glad David doesn't work there. Seemed like a great stepping-stone job, but the trade off was ridiculous. I imagine the skills he developed there could definitely help him down the road. Like me at Ninja-camp. Hope your saturday is a good one. Bub