Saturday, November 29, 2008

greet the day

this morning i woke up before anyone else and made my way downstairs. i drew open the shades, pulled back the curtains and smiled at the day. sometimes i get like this. i forgo my naturally sleepy inclinations and love listening to the birds cheep the morning into day. winter does this to me. in contrast summer has be laid out in bed until the last possible moment when i have to come down and relieve david from kid-duty. this morning olive toddled down sleepy-headed and nursed herself awake in my arms. i put on some iron & wine and she put in one earbud, i put in the other and we waited for someone else to wake up and break our mama-daughter moment. it was such a great way to wake up.

iron & wine - her tea leaves


rachaeldear said...

when i was little, i always thought the birds were calling me by name... "ra-chael, ra-chael, ra-chael"

Anonymous said...

You inspire me regularly. You inspire me to be a happy mother, which I forget to be, I love your attitude, I want to be like you, and when ever I read a post like this it's a good "tap on the shoulder" to be more light hearted, especially with my children. Thanks Jen! (btw, I am just a lurker, used to see you on babycenter Apr 2005 and thought the world of you then).