Thursday, November 13, 2008


(at 8:45 this morning)
augustine: marshmallows! marshmallows!
me: it's not going to happen
augustine: it IS actually!

last night we surprised augustine and took him to go see madagascar 2. nathan and meridith stayed and chilled with olive. he was really excited to do something just the three of us. i sort of teared up when david said "just like it used to be!" we hardly have time for ourselves and even less time for one on one time together and even LESS time for solo dates like this with just one kid. anyways the movie was really funny!

oh & olive got her hairs cut

and speaking of haircuts why is it that when i am most annoyed, frustrated, and in need of a haircut that people start randomly lavishing compliments on me about my do? don't you people understand that it has been MONTHS? that this wild mane is driving me buck nutty?!


Anonymous said...

Hi, just visiting. I saw your link on saylor days blog. Also, I didn't mean anything bad about the kids and doctors thing, just trying to say she shouldn't worry. I agree with you about just following your gut. Sorry, if I worded it badly. :)

Very cute picture of your daughter and I know what you mean about the hair thing. Especially with my bangs, about the time I'm ready for a buzz cut everyone things it's "adorable".

P.S. Amelie = best movie ever. Audrey Tautou is amazing.

jenny mae. said...

no worries about your comment. so much is lost in translation over the internet :)

meridith said...

we had so much fun with olive! she was an angel. i like your hair long, i think it's pretty!

Rachael said...

I know it stinks but it's SO funny that augustine said that. "It IS actually!" haahha