Wednesday, January 07, 2009

first day of school

first day of school

well. i did it. we did it rather, though david was much more nonchalant so that is why it feels like *i* survived a milestone. we dropped augustine off to his first day of "school". to be quite honest it's more of a daycare. i'm not going to be one of those parents who is pushing their kid to learn or grow up too quickly. it's kind of like an introduction to structured learning. structured learning that i wish i had it in me to do at home, for really it is much more "me" to homeschool but my heart and my head are not always one in the same. Jesus was with me today. i was a big ball of nerves dropping him off, even though david came too. when karen & greta james came around that corner i almost burst into tears i was so happy. then i saw the mccollums and crawfords too - the latter two have kids in augustine's class! i only got mildly misty-eyed throughout the whole event and i was pretty proud of myself in that way. what did get me tearful though was the idea that for the first time ever two things are happening -

1. augustine is in a place without someone he knows present. of course not always in the same room with him but at least in close enough proximity, like church or something.

2. (and really this one is most significant because augustine could care less my proximity to him right now) olive and i will have some one on one time. WE HAVE NEVER HAD THIS. i had two uninterrupted years where it was just augustine and i but olive has always had her time divided with her brother.

also i found it oddly stressful when the director wanted us to decided what to call him (augustine or auggie). that pretty much determines their name for their whole life, or at least heavily influences it all. gesh just drop a bomb on me all quick like lady. we went with augustine


Corin said...

Ah, congrats on making it through without totally melting into a pile of tears like I would have!

Your new found alone time with your baby girl is going to be great.

Judy Crawford said...

Awww. I know, sending them off to their first day is really hard Jenny. I remember it like is was yesterday. I know for me, I was very hesitant with my fist, but it did allow me to spend the little extra time with my second child...much needed time. Augustine is a social bug (from what I know of him teaching Sunday school). I know Olive will enjoy her extra special time with her mommy while Augustine is in school for a couple of hours. I know you will make it very special for her. By the way...that is a GREAT PRESCHOOL! I have heard so many great things. I am glad you felt peace today.

jenny mae. said...

olive chose to snuggle on the couch a lot while it was just the two of us. it was adorable and i drank it up!

judy - yes ive heard it's also a great school. plus its literally right down the street from us so i enjoy that. augustine had a blast!

MamaFeelgood said...

I put my litte one in day care at 18 months and he blossomed. Just you wait. Augustine is going to grow socially and mentally in ways that you never expected. He's going to come home with stories to tell you and he is going to love hanging with his pals and learning. Don't feel guilty, we each do what we need to do for our own families.

John McCollum said...

We're telling everyone at the school you want him to be called "Gus."

jenny mae. said...

yarrrrr! john im going to put a hit out on you dude