Wednesday, February 11, 2009

blah blah tattoos

david got tattooed yesterday and i was feeling a little jealous. but then i remember that he was getting his stomach tattooed and then my jealousy turns into pity. im so glad that part of my body is done because that was intense! it's very hard to regulate your breathing when you are in pain, even harder when you know it is imperative that you control it for the sake of the artist. i love my tattoo artist kat. like love her to pieces. she is the exact kind of artist that i love. first an artist, second a tattoo artist. several years ago i commissioned kat to do a painting of david and i to give to david for a christmas gift.

isnt that so cute? kat does great work on whatever media she is working on. im always wholly interested to see what she is going to come up with next. the idea of her moving away scares the crud out of me because i do not think i could go to someone else for my tattoos long term.

david finished our taxes two nights ago and yah! money coming back! i am one of those people who does not mind paying taxes. in fact id be more than happy to make more taxes if it went to develop more justice oriented programs. but then im also sort of sad about paying taxes because i am aware of the treasure chest of a war fund we have in our country. we're going to be able to pay off what remains of our debt (well except david ever growing student loans) and put the rest in savings. we're each giving ourselves permission to take a percentage and have fun with it. for my fun, refer to the above mentioned paragraphs. i wonder how much $750 will get me? im hoping at least 3 small-medium tattoos esp since with our bartering with her, one should be free i think. we'll see!


Kristin said...

Hi Jenny :)

This website -->

made me think of you. I think you'll like it :)

Carly said...

I just got a tattoo touch-up this afternoon. If only I had $750!

iheartmadi said...

what are you going to get?

jenny mae. said...

thank you kristin!

carly - what did you get touched up?

olivia - i kinda want to keep it a secret until i get them in case i change my mind! sorry!

Carly said...

My second tattoo! It's a blue crab on my arm. Maybe I should stick a picture of it up on my journal, since I don't think I did when I first got it.