Tuesday, February 03, 2009

breaking & entering

for some odd reason i dont have the same postal worker every day. i see one guy who comes maybe 4 days a week, another woman who comes the other 2. on the primary days the mail goes into the mailbox that is attached next to the door which is fine and dandy. but on the other two days the lady shoves it in the (ornamental in my opinion) mail slot in my door. THIS FREAKS ME OUT every time she does it! there is a bit of a clattering noise when the outer door opens and then this papery crunching noise as the mail goes through the slot. then a plop as it hits my floor in the entrance. i hate it. oh! and during the summer when i have the inner door open to enjoy the sunlight coming through the outer door, yeah she just opens the door and chucks the mail onto my living room floor. like sometimes we are sitting RIGHT THERE and someone opens the door and tosses mail on the floor.

um. wha?

the worst is, and of course this has happened very rarely but still! it's happened!, when im getting out of the tub and drying my hair and i turn off the dryer and hear the downstairs ruckus. now im a trusting person, i do not believe that people want to hurt me or want to steal my stuff. the point is that woman needs to just use my mailbox for what it is for and stop trying to give me a heart attack. i startle so easily! i guess i could remedy this by putting a little note on the door? but then my regular mail carrier would think i was nuts because that is what he already does!

my kids spent the night at my parents house last night. david and i hung out on the couch and watched medium which i really like. this morning i slept in until 10! woke up and puttered around the house doing some light cleaning, and i made myself the most scrumptious breakfast, as per nicole's suggestion of 2 scrambled eggs, pepperjack cheese, and salsa in a whole wheat wrap. i hate eggs and eat them solely out of obligation to my health, but these were YUM.

so every year i dub it something. 2007 for example was "the year of trying new things" and try i did! i tried out having a kid at home, new restaurants, new food, new hobbies, stretching myself in new ways, on and on. 2008 was "the year of treating others responsibly" and i think i fared ok with that too. no major blow ups with any person, it really helped me expand my love for people i already love and helped me take people i previously struggled to love and bring them in a little closer to how i want to feel about them. so i usually make this little declaration in january but it's taken me a month to nail down this years personal theme. so, 2009 is "the year of giving up control over others" rather of course the illusion that i ever had control over others. i really think people are all by nature control freaks. over ourselves, over our diet, our jobs, our family, over strangers, over the world. it manifests in so many different ways. but! no longer will i bang my head on the wall when i feel someone is being obtuse. you know, because i am never obtuse and no one ever bangs their head on my behalf. so crushing that illusion that i can control any person other than myself and i see this concurrently resulting in getting more control over myself.

& just bcs i love you guys, here's one of my all time favorite songs

nick cave & the bad seeds - breathless


Sarah said...

What you need is a little "out of order" sign for your mail slot. ;)

Radiantsun said...

what a great idea...giving up control of others. or like you said...the illusion that you ever had control.

also....nail the mailslot shut. hahaha

no but seriously that would freak me out too...that's weird she opens your door. You would think she SHE would feel weird about it and at least in the summer time would just put it in the mailbox.

You should write a note. I don't think the mailman would think you are crazy. I'm sure he knows other people do that route as well.

David said...

both of those are not a bad idea!

nathansmart said...

Actually, you could probably call the post office and let them know what's happening and when (that way they don't come down on the good one). I'm 100% sure that's not proper mailperson conduct and I'm kind of convinced that there's a law also being broken in some way.