Monday, March 23, 2009

no one cares about my ears but me.

BUT! i had to share because these are just too fantastic. i had a pair of plugs custom made for me. i know you'll be surprised when you see them. i think they might be coming in the mail today. im really excited because the plugs i first saw that were made in this style, with something embedded down in resin looked kind of terrible, full of air bubbles. the idea was great but i was hesitant to sign up for something that i wasnt wild about in all aspects. but i found a girl who could handle resin really well and this was the result.

SPRINKLES! (& one more shot)


rocket.queen. said...

Umm. I need her address NAO. I usually only where organic plugs i.e. jade like my current ones or the buffalo horn ones in my bathroom, but those are TDF!! I need something colorful like that!

jenny mae. said...

give me your email address (please) im expecting them soon and after i get them, ill give you my final assessment. ill give you her contact info

rocket.queen. said...

Absolutely. jessi(dot)dooo(at)gmail(dot)com

I can't wait to see "action" pictures.

a.parker said...

Those. Are. Awesome!