Sunday, March 08, 2009

ohio home & garden show

my parents had the kids yesterday so i could get a boatload of work done (recycling, taking a package to the post office, and of course "real work"). i got all of that finished by about 3:00 and so i called david at work - who got off at 5:00 and asked him out on a date... to the ohio home and garden show. now that's my kind of date! haha! so he said he'd love to go on a date with me. so i got all spiffed up and headed over to pick him up from work and i get there and he looked all slumped over in a chair and was acting funny. turns out he as soon as he got off the phone with me earlier he developed a migraine. UGH. i officially am encouraging him to get some migraine meds. even twice a year is terrible enough for medication! so i was disheartened but totally understanding. we talked softly all the way home and i felt so bad for him. i mean i have had maybe one migraine in YEARS and it was terrible. puking, in bed all day, just felt like a jack hammer going to town on my brain. poor guy. i was SO excited to go to the garden show because mel bartholomew was speaking (the man who invented square foot gardening) at 6:00. so i ask david if he would mind if i went by myself and of course he didnt! so i drop him off and it is like 5:50 and we live about 5 minutes from the expo center. so i get to the gate and parking it $5 and the guy at the window says he doesnt take cards, only cash or check, neither of which i had. so he says to drive through the parking lot and go to the exit, find an ATM, get money out, and drive back and pay. drive THROUGH the parking lot, with no one to see if i actually leave! it was very hard to listen to my conscience and not just park without paying.
so i drove to an ATM at a ghetto mart. i was really annoyed to be late and i definitely kind of love to break rules but really, only rules that i feel oppress me. these people are just paying for people that i love and respect to come and speak and promote gardening and stuff. so i accepted the fee and moved on. while i was at the ghetto mart a gangster type guy was all "dayum. you lookin good tonight" and it made my day! i mean im kind of an old lady now being all 27. (haha) at least too old to be attracting young lads to hit on me. i beamed him a smile and thanked him. so by now it is 6:01 and im parking and yeah, running (though with a new little hitch in my step from the compliment) and hey! i go into the wrong building. you've never seen a girl powerwalk and munch on her dinner (uhh combos.) trying to find the main garden stage. i didn't miss much thankfully. mel bartholomew made me geek a little. i wanted to buy an autographed copy of his book but then i remembered i don't believe in owning any more books unless i am absolutely wild about them and have already read them many many times so i let it go.

i also almost purchased this SWEET trellis that was like 6 feet tall and had wrought iron birds on it. it was all weathered and awesome. but um it was 6 feet tall so i had no way of getting it home! it was only $35!! did i mention it had birds on it? waaaahh!!


Momma Bear said...

Very jealous person over here. I had planned to go see Mel as well. But unfortunately I spend the day in the Chicago airport continuely getting bumped from a flight home. You don't know me but I enjoy your blog. Take Care.

mandi said...

you got to see mel? awesome!

and that trellis sounds amazing! i was thinking it would be at least $65 or so...

jenny mae. said...

mandi - yes check out the trellis here: the last one. *drool*

& mel was so great!