Tuesday, April 07, 2009


this morning i went to the dentist for the first time in 7 years. leading up to the appointment i must say i was kind of freaked. i dont know if i expected a wagging finger in my face or an embarrassing number of cavities that would somehow make me bust out in tears or something but it went great. using a mirror i estimated that i had at least a dozen cavities, and to my knowledge i've never had one. YIKES. i did have some tooth pain on my top right side so i really had to get in there and get it all straightened out. i havnt had health insurance in a long time and when i did have health insurance i didnt have a lot of money. that and i get freaked out going to doctors. my anxiety sucks in that sort of setting, but peace is just a pill away (haha that sounds like a line from brave new world!) augustine and i had simultaneous appointments so i was a little worried about how he would do. he's just shy of 4 and outgoing as heck but he has no memory of ever going to a doctor of any kind except my dad who is a chiropractor. so he was kind of suspicious of this "tooth doctor" until i told him that they would probably only count his teeth and then shine them a little. his response: I LOVE SHINEY THINGS! and that was that, he was on board. he did great, so well in fact that they did a full cleaning on top of the exam. in another room i was getting x-rays and a visual exam by the dental assistant? dental tech? dental hygienist? when the doctor came in he said that i had NO CAVITIES. say whaa? he said i must have had a cavity as a kid because he found a filling and it has some decay around it. they will replace it and that will be all. i am obliged to mention that this is not a good reason to skip going to the dentist for 7 years though. :)


a.parker said...

I love that you won him over with his love of shiny things! Great way to approach the topic. Nothing personal, but I think that dentists are my least favorite kind of doctor.

Daniel, Kristin & Ezekiel said...

I haven't been to the dentist in 5 years... I'm glad to know I'm not the only one out there. I also have never had a cavity thus far... so I'm a little paranoid to go. Anyhoo, I'm glad things went well for you! And the "shiny things" story is too cute. :)