Wednesday, April 08, 2009


i deeply love and admire dorothy day. i want to be just like her when i grow up. i read and reread in my own words and i get more out of it every time i do. she was radical christian anarchist, she was in love the God, she lived and breathed for the poor and cast off in society. i am not catholic and i do not really believe in their variety of saints but if ever i did, dorothy day would be the one i would believe in.

i took a lengthy spiritual gifts test a few days ago. our church is going through what is similar to an alpha course, sort of defining what our church (which is only a mere 3-4 years old) believes in and also what makes us separate and connected to other churches, etc. in the course everybody takes this test to sort of give personal insight into what our spiritual strengths are and how we can use them for the Kingdom and also what sort of pitfalls come along with those giftings.

my 5 primary gifts are:
voluntary poverty
& giving

secondary giftings:

so "voluntary poverty" seems a little obvious if you've read along for any length of time. that was of no real surprise that it was on the top of the list. this is not the same as "giving" though they are certainly going to be related probably. "suffering" seems like such a bad word but really it means that when enduring hard times i can still maintain a hope and joy about life. once i read that i was much less surprised to see it on my list because i'm pretty upbeat. "mercy" is kind of just as it sounds, basically i have a heart for those on the fringe of society and act that out by loving actions. this is different than the gift of "service" though i have that too. ok so then "hospitality" seems sort of straight forward, i like having people over and making them comfortable. also "giving" i dont think i need to go into much detail about, i really love giving things, money, time, etc. away. also if you've read along for awhile you'll know i occasionally have prophetic dreams. that one continues to baffle, inspire, and humble me because it just seems like such proof of God! i can't explain it, but that i guess is the mystery. "deliverance" means authority over demonic spirits. i mean we all have that (heck we all have all of these to varying degrees) but apparently i am gifted in situations of exorcism. i think this closely ties with my other gift - not listed though closely ranked of "discernment" which is the gift of being able to sort of see through people's actions, and in such cases perhaps a demonic influence is happening.

im trying to encourage david to take the test, i think on at least one occasion he has said he doesnt feel that he has many strong gifts. which im scoffing at of course! david im sure has the gift of craftsmanship and service. he would drop everything to help a friend (or stranger) move or build something, etc.

if you know your gifts, what do you have?

i can clarify some definitions if need be but here are those listed in the book:
voluntary poverty
artistic creativity


Hannah said...

Interesting, I was just talking to some friends about this this a couple days ago... We went to a prayer and healing conference this weekend and I was feeling unsure of my strengths in 'healing' and 'deliverance' because when I took a spiritual gifts test a few years ago those were in my 'sub-dominant' category. My pastor friend (who used to attend a vineyard church in MI btw) helped by assuring me that while each person definitely has strengths, all christians are able to develop each of the gifts through the spirit.

At any rate, when I took the test a few years ago my dominant gifts were: mercy, faith, hospitality, pastor, and craftsmanship. Then intercession, exhortation, wisdom, leadership, giving, and missionary.

As an aspiring physician, I was at first disappointed and discouraged that healing was not a strength, but then I realized that things like mercy and craftsmanship are great gifts and probably the reasons that I feel called to be a doctor to begin with.

Hannah said...

ps. realized 'exhortation' isn't on your list. on mine it is described as 'the special gift whereby the spirit enables certain christians to stand beside fellow christians in need and bring comfort, counsel and encouragement so they feel helped.'

saylor days said...

of course those are your gifts! of course. i would love to take that test, i took one years ago but i forget what it said/detailed. i have prophetic dreams/ dreams for other people as well. in a nutshell it is crazy awesome and i love it.

Daniel, Kristin & Ezekiel said...

I just took a gifts test a few weeks ago, and my top 3 were music, hospitality, and craftsmanship. I forget the secondary ones... but I have it written down somewhere. Anyhow, from what I know of you, yours seem right on target :)

jenny mae. said...

hannah - personally i think we all have the ability to tap into each of the gifts if we are willing, absolutely. but like, i do not speak in tongues and it would be false of me to TRY to know what i mean? God gives each of us special talents and functions. romans 12:3-8 talks a lot about spiritual gifts.

i also do not get why exhortation isnt on there. several people have pointed that out.

michelle - do you feel you have the gift of interpretation of dreams/prophetic words? i don't and i always wish i would! but i can very well see that it is more fruitful for someone to have prophetic gifts and another interpretation. you know, for communal purposes to get people talking together.

kristin - you're too!

saylor days said...

usually yes i feel like i wake up and as i repeat the dream it seems 'obvious' what it is suggesting. while i relay my interpretation to the person it's about i know it also could be seen differently for them so i make sure to say that was my on view on it.... i don't really tell other people the dreams cuz it's usually quite clear and only the person i dreamed about needs to know. but it'd be fun to dream and have someone else interpret it, like what often happens with visions/pictures.