Tuesday, May 05, 2009

burnin down the house

have you ever heard the saying "an ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy"? well todays version of that is "an ounce of husband is worth a pound of ativan". i had my dental appointment this morning at 9:30 and that, along with some other things going on that morning had me all in a crazy frame of mind. olive woke up at like 5:30 and ran around our room naked, jumping on us like she was hiiiigh. so so sleepy today. he dropped augustine off at preschool and came back to get me after i was done getting dressed to head over to the dentist. i was shocked that the woman cleaning my teeth said they looked fantastic. um because i havn't been to a dentist in 7+ years! she said to floss a little more and we were done. then the doctor gave me a filling which took oh, 10 minutes. david was so gracious to wrangle a cranky 2 yr old and stay by my side the whole time. see, i have this thing where if i get sort of tipsy or whatever i start feeling like im going to have a panic attack - being out of control mentally freaks me out. so when the shot started taking effect to numb my mouth i was wondering if a physical disconnect like that would set me off, so i sent the hygienist out to the waiting room to get him. if anyone in my neighborhood is looking for a dentist, i recommend dr. gardeners on Indianola in clintonville. they were so nice! anyways my teeth are smooth, shiny, and no longer causing me pain. whee!!!

this week is bike to work week, which really is no different than any other week here in casa de sigler but whatever. david rode his bike to work and i picked up augustine from school (my mouth still very very numb and making me self conscious). before i left i put on some beans over a low boil to soften up to then be put into a vegetable stew im making for small group tonight. i pick up aug and get distracted with the idea of going to the park. greta/karen were there and then jamie shows up with carson and lukas. the kids played for maybe an hour or more and it was so great to hang out with them and chat. then we head home and i dont even get my key to the door before i smell smoke. SCUTTERBOTCH! THE BEANS! totally charred to the bottom of the pan but thank you sweet jesus no smoke or flames!

and guys! GUYS! take a sneak peek at the pre-launched justice gardens website. it's so pretty!


Momma Bear said...

I dr. gardners the newer dentist office in the old mozarts cafe bldg?

jenny mae. said...

yes that is the one!

Momma Bear said...

oh good! I'll give them a call, i need a new dentist and that's close to home.thx.