Friday, June 19, 2009

picture dump

Today's Harvest
click on it to see what everything is, though it seems straight forward enough. this was the first major harvest of the season! horray! we also had a handful of raspberries while we were at the garden.

olive holding her "tree" pose on the beam.

da bars

read: determined

this week the kids went to gymnastics camp at our local community center. the kids loved it but i was very meh about it all. i think the "cirriculum" is majorly lacking. the 45 minute class was 30 minutes of free time, 5 minutes of stretching and songs, 10 minutes with a parachute. the end. ($25/child WHA?) the instructor is really nice though.

three cousins

i was supposed to have a doctors appointment yesterday in marysville with my primary care physician to a) talk about these hives, which have not totally resolved themselves (hi, ive been taking benedryl for oh, three weeks straight now) and b) an ativan refill. on a whim i called to see if they took my new insurance and in the least apologetic way possible the lady was all "um no, mkthanx bye". so instead of stewing about it i went out to eat with my parents. the hives - they are mild but still present. before there was an excruciating level of stinging and itchiness and i wound up scratching my legs until they bled. now it just feels like a mild bug bite - annoying at best. still, i want resolution. just imagine how fun it is to shave! but im not one to go completely au naturale so i've got to shave at least bi-weekly. anyways my parents brought my little niece kyliee to the restaurant and she is just a little doll.

oh and the car. dude, it's my dream car. period. we got it for an obscenely low price, to the point where i almost felt bad taking it for the price. we could turn around and sell the thing for triple what we bought it for probably.


Salty Star said...

Hi there! Completely unrelated to anything, but I have a question and since you garden, I thought you might be able to help! My son has his own garden this yr and planted a bunch of seeds...most were donated from famiyl and friends. I have no clue what he planted in there, but something is growing quite well and is an unknown. It looks just like a melon or squash plant. Nice big leaves and little vine shoots coming out. However, the flowers are white, and there are several more flowers (and they're smaller) than the flowers on our squash plants. Any idea what it might be? Thanks! : )

jenny mae. said...

could you take a picture and show me?

Salty Star said...

Just took pictures and put them on my blog. The flowers are either all closed up right now or haven't bloomed yet. They are all white when blooming, though. Thanks for looking!

Alia said...

YIKES--you still have hives?
OK (since I typically have bad reactions to sunscreens too but not this bad) What is the name of the one you used, so I can be sure never ever ever to go NEAR the stuff?!?! Seriously--If dont use the non-chemical kind (burts bees or other zinc oxide) my skin just plain STINGS.

jenny mae. said...

at the time of posting this yes i still had mild hives. i went back to the ER after i wrote this and got a topical steroid cream and they are almost gone now.

the culprit was banana boat spf 50 tear free baby sunscreen. i've known someone else to have had a bad reaction to a banana boat sunscreen as well so there is a 0% chance we will ever purchase anything from them again. at their worst those hives were enough to make me scratch until i bled. it was awful!!