Thursday, July 16, 2009

channel 4 can suck it

in 5 days my left arm is going to be full of tattoos. im kind of nervous, and i've never been nervous about a tattoo before. well i was nervous about getting my stomach hammered on because i knew it was going to be painful - but this? i think i am nervous because it is so large and i feel im going to miss i dont know... seeing my flesh? i mean i'm not getting an amputation or anything! i feel silly but im really excited, i havn't been tattooed in years!

i spent the morning at the garden. i got 2-3 lbs of green beans, 2 large onions, many many mini-heads of broccoli, 3-5 carrots, and about 5 heads of romaine lettuce. hello dinner! well some of that went to maggie and austin naturally but still - bounty! i must say i thoroughly enjoy weeding around the onions. it smells SO GOOD. i am a nutjob i swear but i could happily chop onions all day just for the aromatics.

after i left the garden we putted around meijer a little bit. augustine is going to preschool in the fall and im going to have him go to "lunch bunch" which is when the kids stay after their regularly scheduled half day in the morning and eat lunch with other kids. it's like another 1.5 hours but he will love it. so he picked out his first lunch box - batman. this thing even has a CAPE on it, which is really what sold him on it. we also picked out some things for our vacation which is just three short weeks away. david is really stoked about the idea of us building sand castles as a family, so i picked up 2 large pails, 2 shovels, and 3 smaller novelty pails that make shapes like towers and such for that authentic castle look. :)

then, SWIMMING! our friends the chapin's have an apartment building with a pool and this was oddly our first trip there the entire summer. michelle made me a venison burrito that was SO GOOD. i'd never had venison before! it tasted a lot like high end beef but perhaps a little saltier? either way it was good.

so here's a little ditty, i looked like a total degenerate on tv on monday afternoon. i was hanging out at the park with my two girlfriends and a woman from channel 4 news stopped by and was doing a story on bath tub safety and wanted to talk to "some real moms" about it. so here is a loose recap of part of my interview:

her: what do you think is the most dangerous part about bathtime?
me: for us it has been the time between when they are transitioning from the bath tub ring to independently sitting in the tub by themselves. during that time, my daughter definitely has fallen under the water.

but what did they actually play as my soundbite? "MY DAUGHTER DEFINITELY HAS FALLEN UNDER THE WATER." yup, that was it. my phone was ringing before the clip was even off the air. slack-jawed i answered the phone to hear my brother jason razzing me about my reckless parenting. gee thanks channel 4! you guys know how to boost them thar ratings! i felt like a total fool & we are not amused

oh oh oh! has anyone ever used The Grocery Game? i just signed up for a free 4 week trial. if anyone is interested use my referral so i can get free weeks. my friend chelsea said she saved over $100 a week on groceries! good grief i have officially fallen off the deep end into domesticity. i find the idea of making getting the best deals on groceries SUCH A FUN GAME IDEA!


Momma Bear said...

ooooh your whole arm?? I'm envious and have brainstorming this week about that very thing. Can't wait to see it!

Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Popping over from Kristin's blog. Ah. Thanks for the laugh! I don't even know you but can totally picture the news 4 interview. Too funny. I have no doubt that you are a wonderful mom, hehe. ;)
My hubby is thinking about a tattoo. He's still in the planning phase. I already have a tattoo idea in mind (very very small) but have to get the nerve up to do it. Yikes!

Judy said...

I think you hit is right on the head...ratings.

Also, the grocery game. Yes, I have tried it and honestly found it to be a lot of work and more work than I want to put into grocery shopping (just a personal feeling). I have a friend who is addicted to the grocery game though. She really is quite obsessed. She is always trying to tell me all of the ways she gets like 3 packs of coke for a penny and such. Maybe when my kids are a bit older and their friends are raiding our cupboards, I will find it more of a necessity to do something like that.

John McCollum said...

I told you you were a bad parent.

jenny mae. said...

beth - yes my whole left arm!

judy - im glad they have the 4 week trial for free. if david can allow me solo grocery time to dig through coupons while i shop i think it will be worth it but hey, im going to find out.

john - one of us is going to be punched at their funeral. just sayin. :)

cachet said...

i am intrigued...have considered getting a single tattoo for years now and can't commit! i fear getting so tired of it and regretting it--so it is always fascinating to me to see people with lots of tats. :)

i did the grocery game for awhile. let us know how it goes--personally i didn't save enough $$ doing it to make it worthwhile. most coupons are for items i don't buy, since i cook from scratch and prefer to buy natural/organic food and such...

saylor days said...

i hope you can laugh too about the channel 4 thing.. i think it's awesome! i laughed out loud.
...i too tried the grocery game and got so annoyed that i forgot to cancel it and it automatically charged me $20 for the next month- i never once used it after i signed up :(. i also have another friend who loves and swears by it-i had trouble navigating it for my preferance and couldn't really find organic products. oh well!
i always get nervous [wistful?] b4 me or colin gets tattoed, like yah are we going to miss the skin spot? but the end product is always worth it. i'm so excited to see your new art!!

Judy said...

being alone while grocery shopping would be marvelous darling. I really hope it works out for ya! You will save mucho dollars!

Alia said...

I would be SOOOO annoyed about that new story!

User said...

hey jenny - long time no comment...
you can get MOST of the coupon matchups at for FREE...
so make sure not to pay for the grocery game after your trial ends.

Also, there are some great grocery matchups at Hot coupon world.. just google it.

I also like

later gator.
-Sarah in Dayton (Gem City Rollers)