Thursday, July 30, 2009

MASH it up/lance armstrong

hey guys, in case you haven't heard, bikes are pretty cool & lance armstrong is kind of fast on one (see 3:18 for some whoah)
and this one is another gem. (starting at 1:35 - jan ullrich, you sir are being embarrassed). that has to be my favorite armstrong moment.

oh and disc 1 of 15 of the tour de france 1999-2005 is coming via netflix tomorrow. you don't even understand how stoked i am!! mostly i twitter about my love of cycling/the TdF/lance armstrong but ladies and gents i am over the moon about these dvds! i've never actually seen lance win before (he placed third this year after a 4 yr retirement if anyone hasn't heard/cares) it was needless to say, a subject of passionate discussion in our house though. don't even get me started on who won. STAY CLASSY CONTADOR!

AND lance will be IN COLUMBUS (!!) in a month for a cancer fundraising ride called Pelotonia. in all probability i think david and i are planning to stand out and cheer along side the road. it's no TdF but hey, how many times does lance armstrong come to my city?

it's funny, ive never been into any kind of competitive sport before! now im positively geeking about cycling!


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I heard the frame of his bike weighs like 2.2lbs. I watched the special on the discovery chan. yesterday about making Trek bikes. I lovey the trek bikes. Crazy cool report, thanks.