Friday, July 31, 2009

photo dump

today we went to the grand opening of a lego store at a mall near us. i (foolishly) assumed there might be a little buzz around the store but we'd elbow our way through it just fine. HOLY NO BATMAN. the line was around the entire block and was 2-3 *hours* long. you know, just the thing i wanted to do at 11 o'clock on a friday morning. let's just skip lunch and nap and stand in line! augustine started crying and it was so so pitiful and heartbreaking but what could i do?

there was an alternative event going on at the mall where they were building a 6? 8? foot yoda out of legos so we did that.

the line was only 45 minutes long which is pretty much as long as you can expect a 2 and 4 yr old to wait i think. (cementing in my mind that im so glad we are going to myrtle beach next week and not disney!)

a group of random lego star wars enthusiasts we met in line. notice all of them are wearing the same subject on their shirt. this is a 4 yr old version of comic con, im serious.

oh that? that's a picture of the window i CAUGHT MY SON LICKING. good times


& this is not related to the lego event but this is how david and i found olive, at the top of the stairs, asleep one evening when we went to bed. does she not look like a chalk drawing. new meaning to "dead asleep" nyuk nyuk.

olive and i got to spend a lot of time together last week one on one because augustine was staying the night with my parents the entire week attending their church's VBS. we went to the zoo one day and it was exponentially more relaxing than taking two kids. gesh you dont realize what you've gotten used to until it is halved!

olive with a bonobo


this was her "taking my picture"


Supurrkitten said...

We are coming up to go to the Ohio state fair next week and saw that legos will be there too. Where is the lego store my husband would flip and love to take my comic con goer in the making 18 month old.

jenny mae. said...

it is at easton mall

a.parker said...

"this is a 4 yr old version of comic con, im serious."

Made me laugh out loud. Glad there was a back-up close by! I, for one, can't wait to see this place!

Judy said...

so, my friend Mike went to the Lego store on Friday and waited in line for over 2 1/2 hours. My kids were dissappointed that momma would not venture out there. I am glad Auggie and Olive had a super time. My kids haven't stopped talking about it.

Anonymous said...

SHUT the door, Olive is SO STINKIN CUTE. And I love the "comic-con" thing. hilarious.

Alia said...

Ready to supervise the comic-con fieldtrip!

:( Do I have to share my lightsaber?

Amber said...

Why is it that boys lick everything? Its so gross...yesterday, my son jetted his hand down as quickly as humanly possible to splash in the gutter and then slurped up whatever made it in his hand to his mouth...gag!!!

Oh and that Olive...she is SOOO adorable. :)

Jamie said...

I just have to say... Olive is a RIOT! :)

jenny mae. said...

alia - our personal policy for light sabers is everyone gets one so no one has to share. i mean it's such a personal piece of weaponry it just wouldn't be fair. :)

amber - WHAT THE HECK! haha!