Sunday, August 30, 2009

busy weekend

good grief this weekend was busy

friday night we helped our friends dennis and [info]mamafry pack up and get ready to move. i was POOPED.

however that did not stop me from getting up at 6:15 am to stand on the side of the road and cheer for mah man lance armstrong. it was actually very cool - not just to see him - to see so many people come out and ride to raise money for cancer research. i heard by the end of the ride they had raised $4 MILLION. the riders just kept coming and coming and coming around the corner. a good showing of women too, which i was pleased with. of course lance lead off the group and well, i must admit that i am really glad where we were standing was on the top of a slight incline. that way i got to see lance's signature cadence out of his saddle. i've seen so much of his racing that it was utterly bizarre to see that cadence pace right past me. oh and did i mention that when he passed us we made eye contact? FACT. david claims he was looking at "us" but well, come on. he definitely recognized me from twitter and facebook. (okay let's be real, it is funny that i joke about loving lance armstrong, however i greatly enjoy cycling and i respect and am inspired by him, not LOVE him)

after pelotonia we went out to breakfast at jack and benny's which is a local place to score a delicious breakfast. upside - my hashbrowns were golden brown and crispy just like i like them. downside - my sausage tasted/looked like mini hot dogs. EW EW EW. upside - might have found another place to get veggie oil from for the car. (we are currently without an oil source)

then off to the farmers market to pick up our fruit csa - cantaloupe, blueberries, pears. definitely my favorite week so far!

then went to maggie and austin's house to work on the jungle garden. that puppy was feral! but david, austin, and i whipped it into shape and planted the new fall stuff in about 3 hours. the weather was divine! we planted kale, lettuces, carrots, radishes, spinach, and swiss chard. YUM. and on that front you cannot begin, no really you cannot (unless you are maggie/austin) begin to understand how excited i am for that baby baxter to be born. okay maybe robina :) i cried my eyes out one afternoon just thinking about it!

at this point i am running on fumes. so much has been done in such a short period of time. even though all of it was good stuff with people i love and care about i was feeling wiped out. we headed home and i crashed in bed. augustine and david went to a movie (goonies at studio 35!) and i just slept and slept and slept. ahh i love naps.

today we rode our bikes to church and in the words of my friend beth "if this weather is wrong i dont ever want to be right." 'nuf said. the sermon was amazing. the kids rode bikes with david while i farted around on facebook (dude, join my sorority house - you won't regret it i swear) and david looked like THIS. have you ever seen yo, gabba, gabba? they have a segment called "cool tricks" and every single time i see david do a track stand like that i always hear in my head "cool tricks COOL TRICKS" like from that show.


Judy said...

I am joining...Partay!

mandi said...

umm...did you plant seeds or seedlings? i need specifics. it's still well over 100degrees here. no fall planting...yet.

Carly said...

Oh man, I love Leslie Hall!

jenny mae. said...

judy you've got to! it is actually very fun! send me an invite if you do :)

mandi - all seeds. and OMG 100! that sounds terrible. where are you?

nathansmart said...

can't believe you didn't talk about our dissection of comedy during your garden time

jenny mae. said...

haha. maybe if you would have helped me hoe that thing? :)

Maria. said...

Man, my brother is so cool. I'm so lame...I don't know any cool bike tricks.