Thursday, August 27, 2009

omg journey!!

last night david and i went to go see journey/night ranger. oh. my. gosh. when i first bought the tickets i had no idea that steve parry was not in the band any more and when i did, i was mad. however this anger quickly dissipated when i flew to youtube and found videos of arnel pineda as the new lead.

this video was his FIRST CONCERT with journey if you can believe it. i was happily surprised with how energetic he was - jumping and dancing wildly like i would expect from someone half his age. by the way did i mention he is turning *42* next week? he could easily pass for 20-30s. even watching this video his performance was incredibly more entertaining, clearly he is more comfortable in the band. the point im highlighting in the video is his uncanny/amazing vocal resemblance to steve parry. the entire evening david and i were talking about it. actually the woman next to me leaned over (she being in her mid-late 40s im guessing) asking if i remembered "the old journey" and i said "OF COURSE" and we laughed about how surprisingly and nearly identical the voices were between the two.

they closed the show with faithfully/any way you want it/don't stop believin' and well... it brought the house down. lots of finger pointing and fists in the air and people singing at the top of their lungs. yeah. it was a good night.


Anonymous said...

I soooo wish I could have been there.

nathansmart said...

I listened to a bit of him on the newest Journey CD and he definitely sounds like him. My only beef is that on some of the words he doesn't sing them as quite as soulfully as Perry did but who can match that voice?

By the way, have you heard Steve Perry's solo album Street Talk? It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

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jenny mae. said...

awesome thanks