Tuesday, August 25, 2009

love, august

august has been the best and busiest month i can remember. it seems like nearly every day, certainly a handful of times per week we have something planned. cook outs! concerts! zoo! vacation! babies being born! it has been the perfect ending to the best summer. and it's not even over! tonight - we are hoping to be one of the first 250 people to studio 25 (does the place even hold 250 people?) to get free admission to district 9. tomorrow night we are going to go see JOURNEY! friday night helping our friends dennis and [info]mamafry pack up their home/load their moving truck to continue their awesome journey, then saturday -- do i even need to remind you what saturday is bringing to my city? ill give you a hint : it rhymes with France Larmstrong and makes me go AAAAAHHHHH!!!! if pelotonia becomes an annual event im hoping david signs up next year. you've got to raise a minimum of $1000 to join up (for cancer research) though so... my husband bike riding with lance armstrong. OMG OMG. up next: somehow im going to get him to play in a band with nick cave. amiright or amiright? following pelotonia we are going to plant the fall garden with the baxters. okay austin baxter since maggie is pretty "in the family way" with diamond dave. (what a hilarious fetus nick name).

oh, sunday night our friends john and kori mccollum gave us some bunk beds (free!) for the kids. it was the first night that they fell asleep at the same time in their room without a fight. every other evening one falls asleep in our bed and another in their shared room. both were fighting over who got to take a nap in their room today (usually they are fighting to sleep in david and i's bed). hilarious.

the entire day up until now i have been canning tomatoes. i bought 20 lbs at the farmers market this weekend. phew it is a lot of work! i am maybe 1/2 done and it's taken me 5 hours! i made salsa & soup so far. the rest im going to just use as straight tomatoes for soups and such. i have no citric acid so i am done for the day.


mandi said...

20 lbs of tomatoes!?! that is incredible! i made spaghetti sauce for the first time this year. it was tasty...

and, because i'm just this way, i have to ask how mamafry is. i clicked on the link and man, she has had it rough. are the boys better? is she better? eeks, i'm concerned!

a.parker said...

I can almost hear the excitement in this entry - you've been busy, lady!

Glad to hear that you're having such a great August. Soak it up and enjoy the rest of this awesome summer!

Judy said...

my 68 year old father in law is in the race...We are very proud of him. He is beyond excited...but not as excited as you!