Thursday, September 10, 2009

crazy video & love love love

this is the kind of stuff david and i sit around and watch together on youtube.

ps i really love maggie. i havn't talked a ton about the rapidly approaching birth of their new baby, but trust me it's not for lack of excitement. i don't think i can even articulate how much i am anticipating that phone call. there might be an atomic explosion fueled by joy radiating from the eastern part of blenheim rd. just sayin'. a handful of friends and i went over to her house last night and prayed for her for an hour or so - my body started quaking and shaking and this sounds strange i know! but i felt like i went into a trance at certain points in the night. i can't explain it. i wasn't *gone* by any means, i felt closer to God. like i was more tapped into His presence. i can't explain it!! the point is it was a good night and im so grateful for good godly girlfriends who can cry and throw their arms around each other and laugh and be such an encouraging force. and did i mention i really love maggie? i do.

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mandi said...

i don't know what's crazier- that 'sport' or those outfits...