Wednesday, September 23, 2009

mawwage - yer doin it right akshally

david proposed 8 yrs ago today. i cheese sandwich him something fierce. here's to growing old together!


Momma Bear said...

it's beautiful.

CGT said...

I love the work. Well, this is going to sound completely weird, but I've actually been following your blog for some time now. I was doing research on natural birth and I saw your video on youtube and thought that it was completely beautiful. I, too, am a tattooed woman and it's empowering to see other women carry themselves so wonderfully. A few months later, I started to look up some people who've transitioned to vegetable oil instead of gas and I read your blog and found a lot of great information from your site. I was intrigued that you'd come up twice in two different searches, so I keep up with your blog every once in a while.

I've started blogging myself, actually. It's a weight loss and transition to a healthy lifestyle blog. I have been looking for healthy recipes and alternatives to the foods I usually eat. I know you are oranic friendly, and if you have any good dinners or healthy baking tips I could try, I'd love to hear about them. Thanks so much for making me smile from time to time with your posts. (:

jenny mae. said...

if you ever want any tips on running your vehicle on vegetable oil hit me up! we have had three vehicles over the years run on veggie oil. it's the only way to drive! :)

for food tips, i have a food blog where i archive our routine meals. nothing fancy, more of a reference for me when we're making grocery lists, etc. but it's on the side ---------->
make food not war