Saturday, September 26, 2009

life lately

so much to update about!

-first and foremost before i get into non-intense things, i can barely talk about our church friends joe and jess aebi. it is too heavy. nutshell - the doctors found cancer in his stomach which has now metastasized in his liver. he's 40, with two young kids, another on the way and now he's been given one year to live. PRAY FOR A MIRACLE, please!

-last night david and i went to detroit to see sunny day real estate. IT WAS AMAZING. this was a dream show for me as the last time they were toured david well... had just dumped me and there was no way i wanted to happen to run into him at a show with a new lady friend. i have regretted this choice ever since, until now. well i mean i still wish i had gone to that show but i thought it was because they had broken up forever! the tickets had no opening band listed so imagine my thrill when i got there and none other than THE JEALOUS SOUND (ex members of knapsack) were on first. i positively geeked! we ran into our friends tara and jimmy there too which was great. much singing at the top of our lungs/fist pumping/foot stomping was had. i was pleasantly shocked at how well the music translated live. it's always hard to tell how good a band is going to be live, especially when they are more on the technical side (sidebar: modern indie music sucks in comparison imho). jeremy enigk got lost in his own music, but in a great way. they played all of my favorite songs save one (tearing in my heart - though i admit that might be too much of a slow ballad to please a crowd). they even came out for an encore! the bad news was that towards the end of the show i developed a migraine and we had to hop on the train IMMEDIATELY after the show. im sure more than one person thought i was drunk by my slumping, whimpering on david's shoulder, etc. david had to venture out into the detroit streets at midnight to find a store open to get me some medicine. (a pro asked if she could call him, which made him a little embarrassed i think) he came back, i took two pills and literally crashed for 12 straight hours without moving. david said i slept so deeply he almost thought to check to see if i was still breathing. holiday inn express has a slammin' free breakfast by the way. eggs! bagel! muffin! bacon! oj!

- did i mention that i met rosalie kiddo baxter? i cried more than once. she is lovely, even though she burped on me. (it was the most dainty burp i've ever heard...)

- augustine has started preschool officially. actually he started two weeks ago but i've sort of fallen a bit out of love with blogging so i haven't talked about it yet. my friend judy let me borrow her camera to capture the day. I LOVE HER. after his first day i said he could celebrate any way he wanted. sweet. mcdonalds. yeah. but i do love me some mcnuggets so it's all good. when asked how his first day was he said "it was great! a boy and i told each other knock knock jokes!"


Anonymous said...

That is one of the most perfect looking babies I have ever seen. adorable!

Carly said...

You look so beautiful in that picture! And the baby's pretty good lookin' too...!