Friday, October 16, 2009

horray for music!!

here are some great songs i've been loving lately. the moby track will simultaneously make you depressed and yet confirm that everything will be alright. at least that is how it falls on my ears, almost identical to radiohead's kid a. enjoy. also some of these might be on my "best music i heard in 2009" mix at the end of the year (a group of friends does a large scale exchange here locally) so if you are in that group, well you might get some duplicates. consider it a sneak preview.

black moth super rainbow - born on a day the sun didn't rise
freelance whales - generator ^ first floor
horse feathers - finch on sunday
the xyz affair - no one that you love will ever die
moby - shot in the back of the head
architecture in helsinki - frenchy, i'm faking
beach house - used to be
hello seahorse! - won't say anything
faded paper figures - b film
lake - don't give up
cold cave - life magazine



Dinah said...

GREAT mix. thanks!!!

Laura said...

Hey Jenni,
Do you ever listen to Seabear? Loooooooooove Seabear!!

jenny mae. said...

i do! i love them!