Friday, October 16, 2009

of music, down, and soup

what is it about fall that makes me want to make a mix? a few weeks ago i was lamenting the fact that i haven't given a rip about music in a while and now that the weather has changed im neck deep in new tunes. i am still adoring moby's new album wait for me. you can listen to it on his website fyi. here's a little ditty i've been loving lately

cold cave - the trees grew emotions and died

this week has been a real downer. monday i felt terrible and embarrassed and sick and all of those things i hate to feel. i actually cried to my friend michelle that i've been feeling sort of depressed. so there you go. see, when an always upbeat person feels low it's sometimes hard to talk about because the track record of positivity points in only (or mostly in) one direction. david's grandpa's funeral was yesterday and it was as good as you can expect. it is nice to be with family and share a meal and hold hands and cry together. the whole day i kept looking around looking for his grandpa in this inexplicable way. i mean he's got to be here somewhere! but well, i tearfully reflected that he wasn't. david is going okay. that man keeps his emotions pretty buttoned up so even as his wife i can't really tell.

today was just what the doctor ordered for a frigid, rainy day - tea with a friend followed by hot soup for lunch. i just threw all kinds of junk in a pot (chicken stock, ham, lentils, carrots, garlic, celery, sweet potato, yukon gold potato, cumin, red pepper flakes, etc.) and i'm already on my second bowl. i wish i had some kale to throw in it! did i ever mention that not a single thing we planted in the fall garden germinated? what the heck in the world?!

oh & for your laughing pleasure - via [info]psychichearts


amy said...

I'm feeling similarly. Hope things get brighter soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope that your delicious sounding soup helps with the gloomies. You are a wonderful person Jenny, remember that. Your heart opens to everyone - but sometimes the little evil things in the world can pile up and then all of a sudden you have an overflowing trash can full of ick and sometimes when that happens the trash comes out your eyeballs, and those are the times we need hugs. So I'm glad someone was able to give you some hugs. Allow yourself to feel poopy for a while and let it escape your system, and sooner than you think you will be back to feeling yourself. Remember you're a rock star.

Dinah said...

I've been really sad lately too.

I'm making you a mix.

jenny mae. said...

kathy you are making my day. like, you dont even know! sometimes a person doesn't know when they need a little i dont know, compliment? pep talk? positive word? until they hear it but once they do they (like me!) are a puddle of tears! THANK YOU

& dinah - i think a mix trade is in order. im thinking of posting one soon!

rachaeldear said...

1) dude, we always talk about music in the fall... i'm always psyched to hear what you've been listening to.

2) we are equally bummed, maybe homesick, on the east coast :(

3) you have any suggestions for the crock pot? we got one as a gift but i have yet to find any good, easy recipes...

jenny mae. said...

1) agreed. what is up with that? did you download the new mix? am i permitted to boast how much i like it?

2) how are things going out there? UPDATE YOUR BLOG WOMAN! i mean that lovingly but sternly :)

3) let me dig up some of my old crock pot recipes and get back to you, either here, facebook, or email. i use mine like whoah.

Momma Bear said...

I'm sorry to hear this. But I think you rock nonetheless.

Maria. said...

I had a moment this morning that I wanted to call our grandpa to ask him a question or else just to hear his voice and realized that I better find Heaven's number if I want to hear his voice. Such sadness. I've been SO depressed too Jenny. I'll keep praying for you and David. Love you.