Thursday, November 05, 2009

funk becomes me

every night i find myself curling up in bed with a sleeping olive, a bowl of ice cream, and our computer which i stay up late watching gilmore girls on. my friend michelle let me borrow seasons 1-3 and i am in love. i just wrapped season 1 last night. (i really wish luke would have sent loralai the 1000 yellow daisies) now i need to find someway to procure seasons 4 onward, knowing full well that i will plow through seasons 2 & 3 rapidly. i think the show is influencing my eating habits (first week - no food eaten while watching, second week - halloween candy, third week - big bowls of ice cream)

i think im in a funk, the best part of my day is when the kids go to bed and i can get in my warm bed and eat ice cream. i can haz frumpy? i keep seeing people or places or photos and think about all the things i'm NOT doing with my life. don't get me wrong, i like my life. but if im honest it's monotonous and kind of boring. and if im even more honest i know enough about myself to know that i am not one to do monotonous and boring. i mean i'm not one to do over the top jet setting either but i don't know! i feel really bored and uninspired and like something is missing. i dont like looking at other people's lives and musing about how much fun they seem to have compared to me. do. not. like. and even that makes me go batty! because i reject the idea of "the grass is always greener." that is a dangerous and depressing way to live. all of a sudden i feel like i've hit all of life's milestones and i have nothing else to look forward too and that seems really sad. i used to be so full of hope and excitement about life too

oh &

(she made that "trick" up all by herself. how cute!)

apple picking

we got 60 lbs of fujis!

this is olive's "the big kids won't play with me" face

and augustine's "darth vadar does not smile" face


effie said...

olive's magic trick is adorable!! and her little outfit in the apple picking pictures slays me.

i feel you on the funk - it's like, what do i have to look forward to now? hitting thirty? haha!

gilmore girls was the best show on television. my mom and sister and i watched it weekly when it was on, my sister even called in sick to work for the series finale! and we totally cried haha i can't believe how expensive the box set is though, it's way more than other shows! anyway, girlmore girls "for the wind", to quote violette.

Mrs. Motley said...

I know what you should do - have another baby! Ha ha ha ha ha. You make such cute ones, though. And it WOULD be exciting.

But seriously, I know what you mean. That's why we packed up our life in Denver and moved to Brooklyn. Life is definitely exciting now but also STRESSFUL and I am aging at an increased rate. I feel like I've aged 10 years in the last two. Oh, life. It's so hard to just be satisfied.

Your blog at least makes your life look very glamorous and exciting, FYI. Plus your whole family is so GORGEOUS. :-)

meridith said...

you have such adorable kids. seriously! i think watching gilmore girls and eating food goes hand in hand. they love food so passionately and eat like calories are non-existent.

Claudia Luckey said...

wonderful pictures! beautiful colors and beautiful children

jenny mae. said...

olive made that up by herself! it cracks me up every time she wants to put on a "magic show".

mrs. motley - nooooooooo. at least not for a while. perhaps a long while. perhaps not ever. who knows! though they are indeed very cute, i agree :)

meridith - you and nathan are going to come over for dinner SOON. as soon as a drag a date out of david. a date he promises not to work late on!

thank you claudia!

Momma Bear said...

I have all the seasons on dvd, you can borrow 4 and on. I need to give you your dvds back too.:)

Priscila said...

oh my gosh cuteness!!!

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saylor days said...

i know that funk feeling. although i think i'm more of a homebody cuz that is my day every day and i love, love love it. nap time/bedtime... i crawl into my bed, with food, movie and sleep. i don't even like to talk to anyone else in that time. so many girls own gilmore girls you should be covered! also the box set can be found on ebay for about $85 which i don't think is bad. i've been trying to buy them individually for less than $15 far so good but it's tricky.
things will change i think the funk and oh they do so much more feeling is quite common in mom's of toddlers. in the meantime we should take up quilting or something. or hello ladies nights!

Heather Evans said...

I have every season of Gilmore Girls on DVD thanks to my parents, (If you want to borrow them) and I constantly find myself watching them when I feel sad or need a lift! They make me laugh!

Curious question.. does David like Gilmore Girls? Brett likes them! One time we were watching a bunch of episodes in a row and I was done at a certain point and Brett said "Do you think we could watch one more episode?" It made me happy. :)

jenny mae. said...

beth - are you loving MSCL? LOVE THAT SERIES! jess is the new jordan catalano!

heather - sadly no! he doesnt get into it! he laughs when i make him watch it with me but he is not obsessed like i am.

Carly said...

I'm such huge Gilmore Girl fan! I just love it. I frequently reference episodes in daily conversation. And yeah, I cry every time I watch the series finale.

The "big kids won't play with me" picture of Olive looks especially like Ramona Quimby. And Augustine's Darth Vader look is very Blue Steal.

Anonymous said...

My 2 and a half year old daughter LOVES Olive's magic trick video, she insists on watching it over and over again with true amazement every time. Thank you for the entertainment, magician Olive!!

Chelsea Perkins said... great next door neighbors have all the seasons of gilmore girls and i've been obsessively watching from season 4 and onward (just finished the 6th). i think that watching the show has affected my coffee intake. i mean, they drink so much coffee! why shouldn't i?

jenny mae. said...

chelsea i am on season 4, episode 3. LOVE IT! cant stop talking about it or LIKE IT. my wpm has definitely gone up as has my interest in coffee since becoming obsessed with it.

i mean is it not the perfect woman show? all about how we relate to our mothers and daughters (if we have them)? again, LOVE IT!

Corin said...

Aaw, don't worry about the funk. It will pass. I feel like that from time to time. I think it's totally normal.

I feel about "The Office" the way you feel about "Gilmore Girls". I purposely make myself miss all the episodes so I can sit with hubby and have an end of season marathon at night! LOVE IT! But it's haaaard to miss it every week!

Corin said...

Oh ps...I love the apple picking picture of you and Olive!

Momof2boys said...

Okay I'm not going to obsess over your kids-They are CUTE and I can't tell you enough how cute they are! Let me stop myself there or there will be rambling on and on about how gorgeous and funny your kids

Gilmore Girls-seriously are you sure we're not sisters, we have so much in common?! I LOVE the gilmore girls and continue to love them. I catch them on the t.v. from time to time. I hope that I am somewhat of a Lorelai (ps LOVE that name).

Funk-ME too me too! I was just writing in my journal last night about this. I'm bored all the time. Even when I'm doing homeschooling=bored! I can't for the life of me figure out why but I am.

Violet said...

Maybe it's the time of year? As I grow older, the holidays lose a little sparkle every year. It's not that I don't appreciate seeing family and doing all sorts of seasonal stuff... it's just that some of (most?) the magic is gone. The wonder of being a kid slowly drips away. But hey, we can try to hold on to some of it, right?!

Don't ever think that there isn't anything to look forward to! Look forward to tomorrow! It's so amazing and awesome that your kids are healthy and beautiful and full of love for you... make each day count, my lady!

But yeah, when you can't convince yourself of the above, ice cream and girly shows usually help. ;)

Today is a new day... live the heck out of it



Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,
I have been following your blog for quite some time after finding your very touching birth video on youtube when doing a college research paper on feminism and motherhood...I know you do not know me, and that you feel in a funk - but I wanted you to know how much I admire you and I hope that I, too, one day a great mother and wife. My mother greatly benefited from the second-wave of the feminist movement, and was an incredible career woman and a wonderful woman but alas, she wasn't there very often when I was growing up but she completely supported me and has paid for my college education which I could not be more thankful for...but your life as a mother and wife is my dream and your blog has been an inspiration to me. I want so badly to be a mother one day and to be there for my children, every day to see them grow and be happy and learn, or be there for them when they're sick or sad. Perhaps its not possible for a stranger to proud of and admire another stranger, but I do and I wanted you to hear some words of encouragement.

jenny mae. said...

thank you guys SO MUCH for all the encouraging words

megan said...

my friend sent me a youtube video the other day about home birth, and as i got lost in youtube land, i stumbled upon the "olive home birth" video, and thought it was amazing, but i didn't realize it was YOU! i was just reading this blog & realized your daughter is olive! soooo cool, i LOVED the video, it was awesome, and i am really inspired to do home birth if i have children, and also to be an advocate of home birth.
yay for a small world! :)

jenny mae. said...

yes! that is us! small world!