Tuesday, December 29, 2009

results to come soon-ish

today's appointment went well. had a blood draw and some nice face time. my doctor gave me a refill for my ativan (with *5* refills) and we had some good face time. my mom went with me. hi, i am 28 yrs old and my mom had to talk with me through the blood draw. DO NOT CARE. my mom is a saint, i love her to pieces. so now we just wait for the bloodwork to come back for some answers. no idea when that will be but i'll keep you posted.


Adriana said...

hey Jenny, whatever happened with Olive and the eeg? my son is going in for one next week because they believe he may be having seizers and im freaking out! I was hoping you got back some good news. give me hope!

jenny mae. said...

i wrote a little bit about it here

basically, all was clear and that it was just a fainting spell. she has had another incident of holding her breath and having what looks like a seizure but we *know* that they are not. utterly terrifying though

Jamie said...

I hope everything's ok!!!

Anonymous said...

Honker- they'll probably just tell you that you're not a muggle after all. Should probably dip into savings to afford a good wand. Love ya, Bubby