Saturday, January 02, 2010

the year in review

the year in review


we survived the milestone of my firstborn, augustine starting pre-preschool, olive begins potty training, david goes to Philadelphia for a week for work, i find out maggie and austin are pregnant and use a record amount of exclamation points in a journal entry, i get frostbite while sledding, augustine says his first and only swear word


obsessively think/blog/talk with friends about Lost theories, observe the first anniversary of the death of baby beatrix, auggie develops a weird rash, someone slashed our tires on valentines day, new duvet from anthropologie for vday, started making my own laundry detergent, got to my goal size of 1 inch with my ears, early stages of planning the garden


finished up potty training-goodbye diapers!, i went to the ohio home and garden show to see mel bartholomew (of square foot gardening fame) speak, sprinkle plugs, i create a mail in my first (and, so far, only) postcard to PostSecret, we get crack-a-lackin on the garden, spring sprung, had some issues with my neighbors, i start a daily prayer routine, olive puts her and augustine's dolls into the oven, which are later burnt when i use it.


crunch time with Justice Gardens, helped my brother and sister in law move into their awesome, new home, maggie's 30th birthday dance party, lots of church connections were deepened, went to the dentist for the first time in 7 yrs - only 1 cavity!, reread in my own words, deepened/awakened my awareness of my spiritual gifts, olive turned 2, augustine turned 4, made seed bombs, went dumpster diving for the first time, planted the whole garden, met [info]thesaturdaygirl


Justice Gardens website launches, kids get doll replacements from tracie, donate my time with a community garden which jump starts my passion for a Justice Gardens community garden, screened Ordinary Radicals at wild goose creative space, deepen some awesome friendships, more dumpstering, mothers day sucked, Lost finale - DUUUUDE, david turned 28 - love that man, david quits school and returns to solar imaging, officially kick off Justice Gardens presence at the farmers market, HIVES


spend the first part of the month totally sedated and wacky on steroids and antihistamines, strawberry picking, i begin a long phone tag situation with the city regarding leasing public land for a community garden, figure out where i'm at with some political things, TONS of gardening, Justice Gardens begins to make sense to people - we start taking in sizable donations, went to my friend jeff and michelle's farm, had the world's tastiest cookout with our friends trenton and heidi, first record of feeling hypoglycemic, got my dream car, find out olive has mad gymnastic skills, david and i celebrate 7 yrs of marriage


spent most of my weekends at the farmers market, davids sister and family came to visit, kids loved on their cousins, TOUR DE FRANCE MADNESS, lots of berry picking, got started on some big tattoos


our first family vacation - to myrtle beach, root beer float & bottle rocket party, time travelers wife movie!, went to see Journey, went to the zoo a lot, many days were spent canning, LANCE ARMSTRONG AND I MADE EYE CONTACT


augustine started preschool, olive and i went apple picking, david and augustine went to a bengals game, rosalie kiddo baxter was born and i cried and cried and cried, went to see sunny day real estate in detroit, thought olive might have had a seizure, saw passion pit!


olive had an EEG, was cleared of any suspicion of having a seizure, saw greg mortenson speak with [info]kjames at wexner, obama won the nobel peace prize instead of aforementioned peace advocate, davids grandpa passed away, hypoglycemia sucks, feeling depressed sucks, halloween is fun, Pod Vida is fun


marriage is hard work, gilmore girls consumes me, we go to the get up kids reunion show, more apple picking, bowling with friends is a regular occurrence, thanksgiving was scrumtrelescent, hung out with [info]thesaturdaygirl and family again


my surprise birthday party!, i cried my eyes out, actually much of december i cried off and on for a variety of good and bad reasons, electric box obsession, olive barfed a lot, augustine "sold" some art at a show - my mother-heart exploded, christmas was fab, FOUND OUT IM GETTING ANOTHER NIECE/NEPHEW, i get in to see a doctor for all the funk i've been feeling, new years rocks


Klane said...

That seems like quite a year. I need to document when I have my baby. I am due in April and am very nervous. I feel like reading other people's blogs, who have young children, may help me better prepare for something bigger than myself: caring for another human, being the only person to sustain such an important part of the universe. It is all too much, but I need to figure out how to do it. Thanks, your blog really helps me out.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!