Saturday, January 16, 2010

the future is looking good

we have not received the official commitment on other other end regarding the prospective apartment but david called yesterday and everything is looking like we are *in*. credit check and social references we will have no problem with and the woman (the daughter in law of the older gentlemen we loved who showed us the place) and david have spoken several times and seem friendly. so march 1st i anticipate us getting the keys and, should no one lease this place before then, we shall no doubt trickle over there carload by carload, box by box. it might work to out advantage to do it this way (though no doubt i'd rather not pay double rent for a month if it can be avoided), only in that we would be in no rush to do everything at once and heck we would be able to avoid renting a u-haul.

i'm feeling antsy to get out of here. it's such a cute apartment, our neighbors are by and large awesome, the location and price is great but gesh, this break in has had some unavoidable ripple effect through us all. david has said coming down every morning to prepare to go to work he basically has flashbacks, that he wonders if someone is going to be in the kitchen again. augustine has become nearly obsessed with the locks on the doors. he counts them and checks to make sure that they are all latched (7 in total between the two entry level doors). it is... painful to see your child afraid, exposed, blighted by evil for what to me seems like the first time. so far his expressions of fear have been mild - example he wanted david to sleep with him last night. and speaking of sleep i've been having a hard go of it in that area. since it happened every night i either take a benedryl or some melatonin. if i wake up at night i feel terror if i have to go to the bathroom, usually i take more if the hour isn't too close to dawn. i've long struggled with insomnia but this is the worst. last night i had a glass of wine - haha two mouthfuls of wine - and slipped off into a warm dream. at 5 am i hear footsteps approaching my door and it slowly opening. I FREAKED. luckily it was only olive, jealous that augustine and daddy were bunking together for the night and she asked to sleep in my bed. im so glad i didn't grab the, now constant additions to our bedroom, golf club on davids side.

today though, was fantastic. david and i went to see sherlock holmes with my dad. my dad and i in particular are quite sherlockian and i figured we would be a pretty tough sell. the story was good by good grief erroneous casting. physically neither remotely resembled the characters they were to be playing. though i did enjoy the interplay between watson and holmes. other movies portray watson as some bumbling idiot, sidekick instead of how doyle portrayed him, which was much more of a true friend and confidant. after the movie david and my dad took augustine to stay the night at my parents house while olive and i had a girls night out, which consisted of red robin (YUM) and a princess movie snuggling on the couch in our pjs. so pretty much perfect. i really love spending one on one time with my children. im so glad i (more than likely) won't have a large gaggle that might potentially threaten that time. for me, i would be stretched too thin and i now it. so david is gone, and augustine is gone, and olive is asleep and it's just me and my mind up now. awesome.

also, the night we were broken into we saw a man get into his car who was in all probability our would-be burglar. i didnt see his face well enough but i did see (and hear) his car. the muffler was very loud, possibly modified but im thinking it was probably just rusted and junky. i swear that car just circled the block and i am now sitting here with a knife.


Sausage Mama said...

Oh Jenny.....I'm praying for you, you must be petrified. Can your folks come over?

Anonymous said...


gah, I read this blog every day and want you to be safe

x x x

Anonymous said...

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jenny mae. said...

david came home shortly after i wrote this. so it was all good

Violet said...

Ah! You scared the crap out of me! My tummy did a flip flop when I read that last sentence. It's now 2:09 am on tuesday morning and I'm so glad that your man came home as soon as he did.

Try to remember that God is with you always. God and a good Benedryl will get you through anything. ;)

Much love,